Zack Wheeler’s disappointed with the managers decision

Five thoughts about the Phillies: Zack Wheeler’s disappointment, a new hitting order.

and more Brandon Marsh materialized when a bigger opportunity was presented in the Phillies’ most recent lineup card.

After defeating the Nationals and Cardinals two out of three games last week, the Phillies are currently at.500 on the season. Since their 102-win 2011 season, this is the first time the Phillies have opened a road trip with a winning record.

I wrote last week about five Phillies ideas that were on my mind, one of which was that Brandon Marsh should play every day. For those Phillies supporters out there, here are five more as Pittsburgh visits South Philadelphia for a four-game series.

Rob Thomson was long overdue for a fresh batting order.
The Phillies’ customary hitting order has changed to accommodate Marsh, who has been the team’s most reliable hitter thus far in the brief season, who has to be a regular fixture in the lineup. The following card was used by manager Rob Thomson in the victory at St. Louis on Wednesday:

1. The DH, Kyle Schwarber

2. Trea Turner, SS

3. First baseman Bryce Harper

4. C. J. Realmuto,

5. Alec Bohm, third base

6. LF Brandon Marsh

7. The RF Nick Castellanos

8. Bryson Stott, second base

9. CF Johan Rojas

To give Marsh more opportunity to score runs while rotating lefties and righties for the first six batters, I would have gone one step further and ranked Marsh sixth rather than Bohm.

Marsh created Marsh made the most of his new opportunities with the lineup configuration, ripping a 2-RBI single in the Fightins’ 4-3 win:

Through 11 games, he has an OPS of.942 and is hitting.333. Although the sample size is tiny, Marsh has improved steadily since joining Philadelphia in the 2022 campaign. His OPS in 41 games in 2022 was.773, it was.829 the previous year, and right now, he’s destroying it. Bohm is another run generator on this team, so the Phils aren’t trying to discredit him by sliding him down a spot, but right now they should be giving Marsh as many at-bats as they can.

As a brief aside, Marsh’s walk-up music ought to be a jam from a top-tier indie rock group from the late 00s or early 00s:

The best pitcher in the NL must be supported by the offense.
With pitcher injuries rising across the league, Zack Wheeler entered 2024 as a contender for the National League Cy Young Award. He is now establishing himself as the top pitcher on the pitching. If his teammates showed him some love when he was in the batter’s box, that would be very encouraging.

Wheeler has a pitiful 1.89 ERA in 19 innings pitched, 20 strikeouts, and just two walks in three starts this season. In those contests, the Phillies are winless.

On Opening Day versus Atlanta, Wheeler left with a 2-0 lead after six scoreless innings. The Phillies fell 9-3 as the bullpen collapsed.

Wheeler struck out ten batters in six innings despite giving up only one earned run against the Reds last Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park under a downpour. But under Wheeler’s watch, a crucial mistake by Bryson Stott enabled three to score, and the Phillies lost 4-1 as sodden fans looked on.

Tuesday against the Cardinals was Wheeler’s “worst” start of the young season as he gave up three runs in seven innings. The Phillies’ offense was shut down, resulting in a 3-0 loss. Sick.

Wheeler has a 0-2 year-to-date record. We’ve come a long way from the days when a pitcher’s performance was determined in this manner, and I’m happy about that. In every way, he has been an absolute ace.

Nick Castellanos is swinging at air

There’s been huge discourse surrounding whether centerfielder Johan Rojas can provide enough at the plate to warrant playing him every day despite being elite defensively. Rojas has a putrid slugging percentage of .194. That mark, however, is still higher than that of 2023 All-Star Nick Castellanos, who cannot stop chasing pitches and when he does square up, he makes weak contact.

Castellanos’ percentage of hard-hit balls are way, way down compared to last year and his career-best 2021 campaign with Cincinnati. He appears lost at the plate, whiffing while looking borderline disinterested. There’s a locker room and intangible element at play here with how Castellanos has been a part of these last two playoff runs, so calls for an outright benching for a guy with two years and $40 million remaining on his contract beyond this year are likely premature for how the organization views the issue, but this situation is the most concerning aspect of the team 12 games in.

In the radio booth, John Kurk channels the wild swagger of the Phillies, who won the pennant in 1993. He veers off script with absurd asides that make you laugh and cry more for home runs than the typical fan down at CBP.

Forever agreement for him.

It’s not too late.
Although this article contains some unfavorable information, the Phillies are still 6-6 after playing 12 of a 162-game schedule. The Phillies’ early season schedule is less demanding than it was in the previous two years, and while they still need to accumulate victories in order to make the playoffs, Phillies supporters can exhale a little after these last two series.

John Kurk channels the reckless swagger of the 1993 pennant-winning Phillies in the radio booth. With ridiculous asides that make you laugh and cry more for home runs than the average fan down at CBP, he veers off script.

eternal consent for him.

There is yet time.
After playing 12 of a 162-game season, the Phillies are still 6-6 despite some negative material in this article. Although the Phillies still need to win in order to qualify for the postseason, their early season schedule is less strenuous than it was in the previous two years, so fans of the team may breathe a little easier after these last two series.


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