WNBA Caitlin Clark Madness

The Caitlin Clark Madness: Behind the Scenes

  • Iowa basketball has gained attention thanks to Caitlin Clark’s dominance of the conversation.
  • Beth Goetz, the athletic director at Iowa, talks about the implications for the athletes and the program.

The Iowa basketball team has received a lot of attention due to the immense excitement around Caitlin Clark. In an attempt to maintain team and academic focus, Beth Goetz, the athletic director of Iowa, joins the program to talk about the implications for the athletes and the program.

In the process, Caitlin Clark and Iowa find serenity.

Upon entering a dimly lit restaurant in Iowa City on a cold, snowy Monday night in January, Caitlin Clark scanned the crowd for her parents. From behind a table, they gestured her over with a smile. She turned 22 on that day. She was accompanied by three teammates and the head Iowa Hawkeyes manager. After they all got comfortable, stories began to flow, full of excitement from their final year and a mixture of nostalgia and longing for college.

The Iowa coaches scheduled a wild foreign preseason excursion to Croatia and Italy in the summer of 2023 as a reward for their Final Four season. The women were strong and had plenty of money to spend. They strolled through little cobblestone streets, spoke new languages, and saw sights they had never seen before. “One of the best nights was when we got bottles of wine and just sat on the rooftop of the hotel,” Caitlin said.

They presented head manager Will McIntire, who was now seated at the birthday table across from me, with a critically crucial mission on the final free day of the trip.

A yacht was what they needed.

Like a real yacht, the kind on which, on a Sunday in the summer, Pat Riley and Jay-Z might be sipping mojitos. McIntire ended up gazing at pictures of yachts with the hotel concierge. He spoke with Caitlin about the cost of the one that appeared ideal.

“Schedule it now,” she said.

When they got on board, the crew was excited and the bar was well-stocked. The players could dive, float on their backs, and gaze up at the enormous sky in the adjacent caverns off the coast of Dubrovnik, where the captain drove them. Breathing hard, they dove into caverns. Underwater, they kept an eye out for one another. The players on the team will remember a magnificent preseason yacht day on crystal blue waters, a time when they were young, strong, and queens of all they beheld. Fans will remember logo 3s, blowout wins, and the global circus of attention when stories about the Caitlin Clark Hawkeyes are told years from now. They will discuss the sea’s hue and transparency. A hue that doesn’t

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