Treylon Burks is forced to serve this as punishment

What Treylon Burks of the Titans must do in the interim before having a breakthrough season

Treylon Burks is about to have a huge year.
Although Treylon Burks has underwhelmed thus far in his career—he was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the 2022 NFL Draft shortly after the team traded AJ Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles—wide receiver coach Tyke Tolbert has explained what he is doing with Burks this offseason in an effort to help him reach his full potential in 2024.
According to John Glennon of the Nashville Post, Tyke Tolbert expressed his admiration for Treylon thus far. “Because you never know where he might position himself. He can be inside or outside. He’s truly grasped that. He spends his nights studying. He queries me. He’s really good. I’m really surprised — or pleased — not necessarily surprised, pleased with his progress.”

Burks’ workload this offseason is obviously heavy for Tolbert and the Titans. According to Tolbert, Burks has been getting better during the summer.
“Every day he is getting better.” Glennon said that Tolbert stated, “Every day we’ve been out here, he’s done something and gotten better every single day.” “His explosiveness and excellent ball skills are appealing to me.” Once more, he’s picking up all three roles. I’m eager to collaborate with him further and find out how he can support us come autumn.

Burks appears to be a versatile player, as seen by the Titans asking him to learn three positions and line up all over the field, according to Tolbert. That makes a great deal of sense when looking at the roster.

In 2024, what position will Treylon Burks play for the Titans?
According to the wide receiver depth chart, Burks appears to be ranked fourth. By the year 2024, DeAndre Hopkins will still be a member of the team. Calvin Ridley was a significant free agent addition that the front management pulled off, and Tyler Boyd was also signed recently. The goal is to provide quarterback Will Levis with every opportunity to be successful.

In the passing game, Calvin Ridley will undoubtedly be the primary option, but DeAndre Hopkins should also see a fair share of targets. Since joining the Cincinnati Bengals, Tyler Boyd has primarily been a slot receiver.

Burks will obviously have to earn his playing time in 2019. He should play a respectable part in the offense if he demonstrates any of the promise that led the Titans to select him in the 2022 selection. Health will also play a significant role. In each of his first two seasons, Burks has participated in 11 games.

This is a big year coming up for Burks, as after this season, the Titans will have to decide on his fifth year option. It would take a big leap in production to justify picking that up.

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