Titans insider reveals terrible facts concerning reality of Andre Dillard

Unsettling truth behind Packers’ acquisition of Andre Dillard is revealed by a Titans insider.

If Royce Newman was signed by a different team to address their guard depth concerns, just picture the reaction of Green Bay Packers supporters.

Indeed, that is the response from Tennessee Titans supporters to the Packers’ acquisition of lineman Andre Dillard.
When opponents start to feel sorry for your quarterback after you bring in an offensive tackle, that’s never a good indication. But we are at that point. Just one season into a three-year contract, Tennessee fired Dillard for no other reason than he gave up a league-high 12 sacks in just 12 games.

With Zach Tom and Rasheed Walker as the starting tackles, Green Bay badly needed more depth. Dillard has NFL experience, if nothing else, but the Packers shouldn’t let the signing interfere with their intentions to strengthen the offensive line come draft day.

Inquiring about the Dillard signing in greater detail? Sadly,

Jordan Love’s life will be “rougher” now that Andre Dillard has signed with the Packers.
Opinions on the signing were divided among Packers supporters. While some criticized Dillard for his terrible NFL stats as a starting tackle, others applauded the team for taking a calculated risk that might deepen their lineup.

Fans and commentators of the Titans who saw Dillard play for their team, however, weren’t as enthusiastic about the acquisition.
“I’m at a loss for words on this. Today was a little more difficult for Jordan Love,” writes Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.

Furthermore, he is not by himself. Tyler Rowland, the host of the Locked On Titans podcast, had some unfavorable things to say about the change.

Unlike the Titans, the Packers are not signing Dillard to start at left tackle. The starter is Rasheed Walker. This seems like a safety measure to make sure they have some veteran depth in case they don’t have enough reinforcements for the draft the following week. Although it’s a low-risk move, there’s no assurance Dillard will even make the roster of 53 players.

That’s the hope, anyway.

It’s disappointing to hear supporters and pundits who regularly watched Dillard make an effort to criticize the Packers’ choice. Regretfully, the statistics support that. Dillard gave up a league-high 12 sacks, which resulted in an appalling 47.4 PFF pass-blocking grade. There’s no chance the Packers can play into the 2024 season unless he makes major progress.

We’ll find out in time. Maybe the signing is to make sure they have more depth than just the draft. Dillard is a guard that the Packers could want to try. Let’s see.

However, the signing shouldn’t change the trajectory of the tackle draft. Reporters and fans for the Titans have expressed their opinion that the Packers will not want Dillard to play significant snaps in 2024.


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