The New York Giants target a move on this running back player.

Report: USC running back was targeted by the Giants in the draft

Had things gone differently, MarShawn Lloyd could have been a Giant.
In the fifth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, Purdue running back Tyrone Tracy Jr. was selected by the New York Giants. The potential of Tracy, a converted wide receiver who spent just one season as a running back in college, is highly exciting.

However, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, had the Giants had a choice between picking tight end Theo Johnson at pick 107 and cornerback Andu Phillips at pick 70, the outcome of the draft might have been different.

“New York also had its sights set on USC running back MarShawn Lloyd as a future lead back,” according to Fowler.

Naturally, the Giants are entering a new chapter without Saquon Barkley. Devin Singletary, a seasoned player, is their lead back. There will be competition among Tracy, Eric Gray, Gary Brightwell, and others to join a running back committee.
Regarding Phillips, given that he seems to be a slot-first cornerback, some are finding it difficult to see why the Giants selected him. But Fowler’s intelligence is excellent. He penned:

Early third-round selection of a defensive back Dru Phillips always appeared to be a Day 2 pick, but his football aptitude led some scouts to give him a late-first-round grade. Many clubs informed me that because of his ability to read the game and understand defensive concepts, Phillips’ combine interview was among their best.

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