The Bo Nix era in Denver is off to a good start

Sean Payton discusses the Bo Nix trait the Broncos missed under Russell Wilson in an honest way.

The quarterback play of the Denver Broncos has not been great during the last two seasons. It appeared as though Denver had acquired one of the top quarterbacks in the game when Russell Wilson left the Seattle Seahawks to join the Denver Broncos. Wilson’s career didn’t work out, which is unfortunate for the Broncos. There, he was never very successful, and today he plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A few weeks ago, the Broncos selected quarterback Bo Nix in the first round of the NFL Draft, and they are expecting him to perform better than Wilson did when he was in Denver.

Bo Nix seems to be doing a fantastic job in Denver thus far. Despite the rookie quarterback’s short tenure, Broncos head coach Sean Payton is pleased with what he has observed from him.

Sean Payton stated, “Location of throws,” according to report. “He made two or three tosses down the field today. It resembles seeing a skilled golfer. There is occasionally patience in his performance when you observe his game over the course of two years. The ball is released, and each play has some really wise choices made (I don’t want to use the word dull, that’s not the appropriate word). The effectiveness with which he is performing. Everything like that.

It’s definitely a positive thing to be compared to an excellent golfer. It takes patience to be a good golfer, and Nix has demonstrated that quality thus far with the Broncos.

Sean Payton has not been taken aback by anything he has observed in Nix’s play. The Broncos selected him in the draft because they were impressed by his game, and thus far, they have continued to be so.

Payton responded, “No, that’s exactly what we observed.” “The only thing that comes to me that surprised me a little bit is that he was larger than I had anticipated when we went to work him out in private and stood around him. But over the past two days, nothing. He’s doing fairly well.

Bo Nix was among the best quarterbacks in college football the previous season, but coming into the NFL Draft, it was unclear how early he would be selected. Nix is excited to be in Denver and the Broncos have a lot of trust in him because they selected him in the first round.

I can’t believe I get to go out there and perform what so many greats have done before me while wearing a Broncos jersey,” Nix remarked. “I’m not going to take that for granted, and I don’t take it lightly.” It goes without saying that pressure presents opportunity, thus the more pressure and responsibility you have, the more of an obligation it is for you to continually earn it.

For Broncos supporters, this is an exciting time as they are about to usher in a new era with regard to their main quarterback. Though things didn’t work out for Russell Wilson, Denver is hopeful that Nix may be their next franchise quarterback.


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