Texans’ DeMeco Ryans issues an assignment to two tight ends

DeMeco Ryans of the Texans offers a frank assessment of the growth of primetime games.

This upcoming season, the Houston Texans are predicted to be among the top teams in football, and head coach DeMeco Ryans is ready for a challenging schedule.
Houston should get a lot of primetime games in 2024 given the excitement around the Texans. It makes sense, given that the team recently added Stefon Diggs to an already outstanding receiving corps and features a budding quarterback in C.J. Stroud.

However, Ryans told reporters on Friday that he isn’t worried about the increasing amount of national attention. h/t Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

“We can’t wait to play ball when the schedule, whatever it may be, is released,” Ryans stated. “Wherever and whenever it happens, our team will be prepared to go.”

Ryans went on to say that the Texans will be just as thrilled about a night game as they will be about a Sunday afternoon clash at 1:00 p.m. ET.

We look forward to each and every game. I don’t focus on any one game more than the others,” he remarked. “We’re trying to stack more wins in the win column, so every game matters.” For me, that is the main goal. One aspect of it is the schedule release.

“There’s a lot of excitement and conjecture regarding the who and where of primetime [games].” In my opinion, it makes no difference whether network broadcasts the game or how many cameras are on us once the ball is kicked off. Ryans went on, “We want to be the best football team on the field that day.” “The outside world doesn’t really matter to us. It is merely sounds. Distractions for other people to discuss. However, our strategy is centered around being the best football team on the field.
It is accurate. It matters equally in the standings whether it’s a Monday night game or merely an everyday match on a Sunday afternoon.

We’ll discover the precise number of primetime  games the Texans have once the NFL schedule is officially released.

Some believe the Texans are Super Bowl contenders.
Things can change so drastically in a year, particularly in the NFL.
Most predicted Houston will place last in the AFC South going into 2023. Rather, the Texans emerged victorious in ten games, won the division, and went on to humiliate the Cleveland Browns in the playoffs’ Wild Card Round. Although the Baltimore Ravens’ fairytale run came to an end in the Divisional Round, Houston’s 2023 season was nonetheless a huge success.

The Texans are suddenly a target, and Ryans is clearly aware of it as the 2024 season approaches.

Stroud isn’t a rising star anymore. Now that he’s elevated to the status of an almost exceptional NFL quarterback, defenses will be prepared to face him. At wide receiver, Diggs is a household name, and Nico Collins has already made a name for himself. Everyone is also aware of Danielle Hunter, a free agent, and Will Anderson Jr., Houston’s new, potent pass-rushing duo.

Last year, the hunters were the Texans. They will now be pursued.

Since the game isn’t played on paper, we need to see the Texans actually go out and show themselves on the field, even though their roster appears to be quite formidable. For instance, it is unclear if Diggs will even fit in with the scheme, as he will undoubtedly experience a significant decrease in targets compared to his time with the Buffalo Bills. It remains to be seen if it will be acceptable to him.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to dispute the skill on this team. The Kansas City Chiefs are a member of the AFC. The Ravens are yours. The Cincinnati Bengals are yours, provided Joe Burrow stays healthy. Is it possible for the Texans to join those ranks?

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