Tennessee Titans terminate contract with Treylon Burks

NFL Insider Thinks Treylon Burks is done with the Titans

The Tennessee Titans are prepared to use their first-round selection moving forward.
The Tennessee Titans seem prepared to let go of their previous first-round selection. One NFL insider claims it’s obvious what the team’s intentions are for Treylon Burks, given the signing of Calvin Ridley via free agency and their ongoing search for veteran free agents.

The strategy seems to be that Tennessee is attempting to split ways with their 24-year-old receiver, according to ESPN’s Mike Clay, who wrote on X. They’ll have three starter-caliber players on their roster besides Burks if they can successfully sign Tyler Boyd or Zay Jones, which will make a move easier before the season.

In recent days, Burks has been associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers, as the black and gold look to add a veteran to play with rookie Roman Wilson and George Pickens. Burks might be their best deal, and if he becomes available, things might move quickly because the team is already hearing reports about working for Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel.
If not, it should be easy to move a previous first-round choice who is still under 25 in the summer. At some spots, teams will grow desperate, and Burks will become the name to have in training camp.

Everything still depends on the team acquiring a veteran like Boyd, Jones, or someone else. However, given the current state of affairs, it’s understandable that everyone is conjecturing Burks’ disappearance.


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