St. Louis Cardinals target Brad Penny potential move soon

The former Mariners arm might help the Cardinals improve their pitching depth.

The 2024 MLB season has seen the St. Louis Cardinals struggle to get traction. Their punchless lineup has been a big part of their failure, as seen by the fact that they rank near the bottom of several hitting metrics.

With 136 runs scored, the Cardinals are presently last in the National League and second to last in all of baseball. Although their pitching staff hasn’t been nearly as bad, they haven’t generated enough output to offset the lack of runs.

With them being in last place in the NL Central, they need to make a move as soon as possible if they want to have any chance of improving. Some roster changes have been necessary due to injuries to their pitching staff, but more may be forthcoming.

The Cardinals should seek a pitcher from the Seattle Mariners who was just designated for assignment, according to Nate Hagerty of Inside The Cardinals on Fan Nation. Hagerty thinks they should give Tyson Miller a chance since they need to make room on the roster.

The Mariners placed Brandon Woo in the starting rotation after activating him off the injured list, while Miller was DFA’d over the weekend. Production was obviously not a problem, so Miller’s loss of his roster spot had to be the result of a math trick.

Across nine appearances and 11.2 innings pitched, Miller was throwing the ball well. With a 3.09 ERA and 0.77 WHIP, he gave up a batting average of.186 to opponents. Miller’s strikeout-to-walk ratio was 12 to 1. making life difficult for the hitters he was facing.

A journeyman with only 42.2 innings pitched in his career, Miller has made appearances with six different major league clubs despite being only 28 years old. With a respectable track record in the minor leagues, there should be some interest in him for teams looking for pitching depth.

One of those teams could certainly be the Cardinals. You can never have too much pitching depth, as fresh arms are needed throughout the season. Taking a shot on him, especially given the current state of the team, would be a low-risk, high-reward kind of move for the franchise.

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