Sione Vaki seems to have the core traits the team covets.

Sione Vaki was praised for possessing fundamental qualities that made him an ideal fit for the Lions.

Sione Vaki was acquired by the Detroit Lions through a trade up, and the team appears to be after his key characteristics.

Sione Vaki wasn’t well-known to Detroit Lions supporters before the 2024 NFL Draft, but once he was selected at pick No. 132 after a trade up, interest in him grew.

Vaki’s versatility as a player and his potential impact on offense, defense, and special teams are instantly apparent.
Pro Football Focus’ Trevor Sikkema assessed the Lions’ draft, and his study of Vaki caught my attention in particular.

“One of the most athletic athletes available in the 2024 NFL Draft is Vaki; Lions fans will love him. Although he was a running back and safety at Utah, he excels in covering. Vaki is a mean puncher, but don’t expect him to produce spectacular plays with the football too frequently. He matches Aaron Glenn’s approach in the Motor City and is a plus tackler in run defense.”

The Lions were impressed by Sione Vaki’s Pro Day session.
During the pre-draft process, the Lions showed a great deal of love for Vaki, and general manager Brad Holmes said going into Day 3 that he wanted to figure out a way to get him.

Even though Vaki appears to be the Lions’ primary running back, he could see some time at safety and is primed to contribute right away on special teams.

Vaki’s Pro Day demonstrated the full breadth of his versatility, as Holmes clarified.

He was among the men who, in my opinion, had one of the most stunning pro days since he trained as a defensive back. It was an extremely intense and effective workout. After that, he had a wide receiver workout and worked out as a running back, an excellent running back. He then practices as a special team member. Love for him simply continued building because it was astounding that he could even go through all those different phases of the training. He’s a really special player. Nothing says he can’t play it safe, but our goal for him as a runner is what he can become. But in actuality, it begins with those

Vaki will likely start at running back, but his primary responsibility going forward will be on special teams. Either way, he appears to possess the essential qualities that the Lions look for in a player.

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