Ronel Blanco of the astros charged to court over handling of hard drugs

Due to a foreign material found in his glove, Ronel Blanco, the pitcher for the Houston Astros, has been suspended by MLB for ten games.

Ronel Blanco, the pitcher for the Astros, was suspended for ten games on Wednesday for violating the Major League Baseball policy regarding the use of foreign substances.

Blanco was tossed from the Oakland Athletics game on Tuesday night. Michael Hill, senior vice president of on-field operations for MLB, made the announcement of the suspension and the unspecified fine.

Dana Brown, general manager of Houston, stated that Blanco will not appeal the suspension. It was scheduled to begin against Oakland on Wednesday night.

He considered contesting it at first, but he and his agency ultimately concluded that he wanted to return to the public eye. This will not be appealed. And he’s making progress,” Brown remarked.

Blanco got off to a great start to the season, going 4-0 with a 2.09 ERA in his first start and tossing a no-hitter in his debut. With the Astros’ six-man rotation, Brown anticipates that Blanco will miss no more than one start.

“Ronel Blanco is a decent man,” Brown continued. He has put a lot of effort into earning a starting rotation berth. “I don’t want to be sidelined,” is how he interprets it. Now let’s resume our pitching.

In a 2-1 victory over Oakland, Blanco was thrown out at the start of the fourth inning after umpires discovered something unusual on his glove. Erich Bacchus, the first base umpire, called it “the stickiest stuff” he had ever felt on a glove.

Before Blanco even pitched in the fourth, crew chief and third base umpire Laz Diaz checked his glove and disqualified him. Before Blanco was removed, umpires, Blanco, and Houston manager Joe Espada met at the mound for a few minutes to talk about the situation.

When Bacchus checked Blanco’s glove midway through the first inning, he found nothing, but on his second check, which took place before the fourth inning, he discovered the substance.

Bacchus remarked, “I felt something inside the glove.” Since we started doing this a few years ago, “It was the stickiest stuff I’ve felt on a glove.”

When Bacchus discovered the material, he asked the other members of the crew to make sure. Diaz stated, “He had to be ejected because he had a foreign substance on his glove. Everyone checked the glove to make sure we all saw the same thing.”

Without identifying the substance, Brown said that the umpire’s decision to remove Blanco was based on his feeling of something sticky on his glove. To be clear, Blanco perspires a lot, he said.

From our perspective, Ronel sweats a lot, but I think they believed it was more than just rosin, Brown said. “We believe it may have been a combination of rosin and sweat.” The umpire will make the call. We had to follow his judgment because he believed it to be a sticky substance. Blanco seems to perspire a lot, which could make rosin look sticky when combined.

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