Ravens to sign CB Nate Wiggins

Ravens Are Not Concerned About This Rookie CB’s Small Size

Despite criticism that Baltimore Ravens CB Nate Wiggins is undersized, the team appears unconcerned.


Nate Wiggins, a cornerback selected in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens, was passed over in the pre-draft process due to his size.

Wiggins is 6 feet 1 inch and weighs approximately 180 pounds, which isn’t too much for a college player but would be problematic for an NFL player. But the Ravens never let it stop them from selecting him with the thirty-first overall pick.


“He is just twenty years old. I majored in kinesiology, and it’s said that a full man continues to grow until he is about 27 years old. “He has ample opportunity to develop,” Zach Orr, the defensive coordinator, remarked. “Our staff, nutritionist, and other support services are excellent. I didn’t see anything regarding his undersize on the tape that we discussed or found problematic. He played like a Raven—he soared up, established the advantage in the run game, engaged in physical play with receivers at the line of scrimmage, came up and tackled, and got the ball off people. We are not at all concerned about that.”


Teams have neglected size in the past, and it has occasionally come back to haunt them. After setting an NCAA record for the most pick-sixes in a career, Emmanuel Forbes was selected by the Washington Commanders in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. He did, however, have trouble in his debut campaign against bigger receivers as a 166-pound cornerback. Forbes is attempting to gain muscle for the NFL game, but there are obstacles involved.


Wiggins might follow a similar path, but, as Orr mentioned, they are satisfied with what they saw on tape and believe the growth will take care of itself. The Ravens chose to draft Wiggins at the time they did because of some difficult-to-teach aspects of his game.


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