Ravens HC Addresses new NFL kickoff Rule that affect his job

Ravens HC Talks About Changes for Kickoff

This season, the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL as a whole will have to adjust to new kickoff regulations.
Under head coach John Harbaugh, the Baltimore Ravens are constantly searching for methods to get better, especially on special teams.

Special teams are Harbaugh’s area of expertise, and this season he will have to adjust to the new kickoff system. The NFL approved new kickoff regulations this offseason.
Players can only move according to the regulations after the returner touches the football. With five yards separating the two teams, the opposition team will be positioned on the 35-yard line and the return team will be stationed on their own 30-yard line.

“It’s really subtle and very good point because [now] you don’t have to run as much on kickoffs and kickoff returns,” Harbaugh stated. Because they possessed one more runner, the 4-3 teams would always have a little advantage throughout those phases of special teams play. Because those large outside ‘backers weren’t the space-runner type of men, the odd teams, like Pittsburgh and ourselves, were a little bit at a disadvantage. Now, even though they can run five yards, those large outside linebacker-type players will be prized more because of their strength and length in that play. Therefore, we’re interested to see how that develops, but that will be a big part of our evolution with the play, I guess you’d say.”

The NFL as a whole and the Ravens in particular will need to adjust. However, it appears like a plan has already been put in place to make it happen.

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