Rams general manager Les Snead admits guilty

Rams general manager Les Snead acknowledges Kyren Williams’ rationale for selecting Blake Corum in the first round.

Les Snead talks about Kyren Williams and Blake Corum.
Blake Corum is one of the ten rookies that the Los Angeles Rams will be receiving. Corum, who played football for Michigan and just completed his senior year, was chosen as the 83rd overall choice in the third round. He’ll be joining a group led by Kyren Williams, who, surprisingly, was one of the factors that caused the Rams to select Corum in the draft. GM Les Snead stated on an episode of Ricky’s Ram Jam that the Corum draft pick was made because LA doesn’t want to “totally run down” Williams.

Snead remarked of Corum, “A lot of people have said he’s similar (to Williams)”. Their playing styles are really similar. They both have an extreme passion for football. On that side of the ball, that is crucial. That side of the ball is sophisticated. You will undoubtedly need to bring a caring factor to be able to catch up, be able to perform, fit right in, and keep the thing running since we are a rather accomplished, veteran offensive.

It’s a competitive league with a 17-game regular season and postseason play that could eventually reach 18 games. Thus, we’ve always believed that in order to avoid completely running down Kyren, we need as many good runners as possible.  and we have one or two, or even three guys that can contribute, keep everyone fresh, and let’s go and try to impose our will,” Snead added. (per NFL writer Kevin Patra)

Blake Corum begins a new phase of his Rams career.
How Corum does in the professional ranks is still to be seen. Even though he was successful in college, his age and endurance were questioned in several scouting reports. Given that Corum is already 24 years old, he will be getting close to 30 by the time his rookie deal expires. Regarding his resilience, the running back experienced a meniscus injury in 2022.

However, if the advantages (which far exceed the disadvantages) are considered, Corum is a formidable opponent. His collegiate yardage totals are significantly higher than those of many of his contemporaries. The explosiveness of the former Wolverine, along with his large, strong build and his low center of gravity made him one of the top RBs in the NCAA last year.

His influence on the field was a major factor in Michigan’s most recent National Championship victory. Corum won Offensive Player of the Game after scoring two touchdowns in the fourth quarter of the championship game versus Washington back in January.

Corum ran for 3,737 yards and 58 touchdowns in his four years at Michigan, 27 of which came in his senior year.

It’s interesting that he has even been likened to Kyren Williams on several occasions. They were both selected in the third round, are somewhat undersized, and—most importantly—have a lot in common when it comes to running the ball.

The Rams are one win away from another championship season with the RB room primed for action come September.

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