Philadelphia Phillies to sign Mike Trout

Chances of a Trade Being Made for Phillies Target Mike Trout Are ‘Even Less Likely’.

Right Now An MLB insider wonders if the Phillies’ top target will ever be traded.

Due to a knee injury, Mike Trout was only able to play in one of the Philadelphia Phillies’ three games versus the Los Angeles Angels. Trout’s left knee, which has a meniscus tear, will be operated on.

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, the recuperation should take two to three months. Arguably the best player in baseball history has had a rough few seasons.
Trout, a prime candidate for the Phillies, has missed more games than he has participated in between 2021 and 2023, and he is expected to repeat the feat in 2024. Even though his skill and career stats are obvious, it’s difficult to ignore the injuries he’s sustained.

Still, it’s highly likely that Dave Dombrowski would go above and beyond to close a deal if the New Jersey native and ardent Philadelphia sports fan become available before this. Dombrowski does everything in his power to improve the squad, and it makes sense from a commercial standpoint to add someone with Trout’s level of local recognition.

But eventually, enough is enough. Furthermore, the danger is just not worth it.

A trade “now seems even less likely” for the Angels star, according to Rosenthal.
According to Rosenthal, a number of events would have had to happen before a transaction could have occurred. These include Trout returning to MVP form, Los Angeles being a terrible team,

After choosing not to trade Shohei Ohtani before the deadline in the previous year, Moreno has continued to make poor decisions. Rather than taking home a historic haul, they were selected with the 74th pick in the 2024 MLB draft.

Even if Moreno left Ohtani alone, it’s unclear what he has in mind for Trout. Even with the injuries, there is still value there, even though the return won’t be what it previously was. But regrettably, there’s a good chance he’ll stick with the Angels.

“Trout, in the wake of his latest injury, is moving into similar territory. More than ever, he seems destined to remain Mr. Angel,” Rosenthal stated. “As good as his intentions might have been, that’s a very sad thing to say.”

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