Philadelphia Flyers Consider new sign This Offseason

This offseason, nobody can be considered untouchable by the Flyers.


With another offseason approaching, the Philadelphia Flyers find themselves in a peculiar situation. One would assume that if they had advanced to the playoffs, they would have to continue advancing into real contention and make adjustments to maintain their current position. It would also be very clear-cut if they had been completely terrible: keep selling off everything you can to acquire younger and less expensive items to help with a long-term rebuild. But what should be done for a team that, albeit overachieving in the end, crumbled miserably in the closing weeks, missing out on the postseason and finishing solidly in the’meh’ category of NHL teams in the standings?


To start with, none of the players you have available for marriage. You wouldn’t expect to be blown away by any trade proposals from other clubs for guys who are certain to be here come opening day because their contracts are either unmovable or just extended. Rather, we must discuss the most notable members of the roster.
None of the Flyers’ players should be viewed as untouchables.


Since the Flyers have been spinning wheels with players like Travis Konecny, Joel Farabee, and Scott Laughton for years, Keith Jones and Danny Briere should be aware that perhaps they aren’t necessary to get the team back into contention, even if this slump in Flyers history hasn’t been directly their fault. Although the “veteran leadership” narrative is highly valued in NHL culture, it is unable to make up for significant skill shortages on the team. There will be difficult choices to make.


Nobody on this team is so promising that they ought to be regarded as “untouchable” or “unmovable.” The Flyers aren’t in a position to turn down a solid enough offer for anybody, even though you couldn’t imagine the team selling someone like Tyson Foerster or Cam York. Everyone has a price, though. In fact, I would say that the only player in the pipeline that the team would never trade is Matvei Michkov. Make of that what you will, though, since you would have said the same thing about Cutter Gauthier a year ago.


It appears that the Flyers’ new management group can make astute and intelligent decisions as they have in the past, and the upcoming months should be no different. Anticipate the departure of one or more of the Flyers’ comparatively expensive veterans if the team is able to acquire players who better suit their timeline. As much as it would hurt to lose a guy like Konecny, you have to ask yourself if the Flyers’ intended contention window is fit by the new contract he is expected to fetch.


In the end, the Flyers’ management will have to make some tough decisions to determine what has to be done to improve the team’s position for the upcoming season, including whether or not to make a strong run for the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2025. They can’t just be first-round scrap for better teams if and when they make it there. It begs the question of whether the core players on the present squad are capable of performing better than that. The Flyers have their job cut out for them, as usual.

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