Philadelphia Eagles make its next pick NFL Draft in 2024.

Eagles NFL Draft Day 2 selections: When will Philadelphia make its next pick?

We now move on to the second day of the NFL Draft in 2024.

What a night! Even though it feels like we’ve been waiting six months for the 2024 NFL Draft, it hasn’t been that long. The Philadelphia Eagles’ season-ending contest in 2023–2024 was a complete bust. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave them a 32–9 thrashing in the Wild Card Round, as if the last wheel of a broken-down car had suddenly come free. That was, however, barely more than three months. The selection of in Round 1 and a few free-agent acquisitions have provided hope.

And with that, we move on to Friday. Two more rounds of choices and a new class of prospects are the focus of the draft. Fans of the Birds won’t get bored. Philadelphia has two options. They both appear in Round 2.
The 50th and 53rd picks in the second round of the 2024 NFL Draft go to the Philadelphia Eagles.
Of the first 53 picks in the selection meeting, two more are owned by the Philadelphia Eagles. As they continue to digest the Carson Wentz trade, they choose to go 50th. Additionally, they choose 53rd, the same position as they signed LeSean Mccoy in 2009, Miles Sanders in 2019, and Jalen Hurts three years prior.

As you can see, franchise players can be found in Round 2 even if Round 1 is considered to be the time to find Pro Bowl ability. Remember that Brian Dawkins and DeSean Jackson were all selected in the second round of the draft.


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