Philadelphia Eagles finally negotiate with Denver Broncos No. 12 Pick

PAYMENT: Payton wants quarterback; Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers are in a bidding war for the Denver Broncos No. 12 pick.

Bo Nix is on the Denver Broncos’ mind.
The ties to Bo Nix of Oregon have remained strong. You may be able to hold off on him until the second round. However, once more, Denver lacks a 2.

Denver doesn’t have a second-round pick, but if they save up more money, they might feel comfortable selecting Nix later in the first round. They are developing a strategy for that.
Philadelphia Eagles are looking for a CB.
The Eagles and Steelers are reportedly interested in Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell, according to Tony Pauline of Sportskeeda. The Eagles and Broncos are discussing a possible trade, according to Pauline:

I’ve been informed as of Tuesday afternoon that the Eagles and Denver Broncos are in talks on a trade for the 12th pick, which would allow the Eagles to choose the cornerback from Toledo. In exchange, the Eagles would give the Broncos their first-round pick (the 22nd pick), which they would use to choose quarterback Bo Nix—a plan I discussed on Monday. In order to move up to the Broncos’ place, the Eagles would part with one of their two second-round picks.

The same CB is what the Pittsburgh Steelers desire.
Mitchell has competition for the Eagles. Pauline is reporting that the Steelers would trade up for the cornerback, despite the belief of many pundits that they will select a wide receiver or offensive lineman in the first round:


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