Nick wright sees caleb williams as the next big thing in the NFL world

Nick Wright Is Crazy About Caleb Williams’ Possibilities

Since selecting Caleb Williams, a quarterback from University of Southern California, with the first overall pick in last month’s NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears have created a level of excitement that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Rome Odunze, the No. 9 overall choice with star potential, and other primetime talent players will be right around Williams, who many believe has the ability to be a superstar player at the next level.

But when Nick Wright stated on FS1’s “First Things First” that Williams may lead the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance this season, Harrison Graham reports, Wright went above and beyond simply anticipating Williams to be excellent.

Wright pointed out that many excellent quarterbacks, both recent and historical, have improved their teams in their debut campaigns, but he also pointed out that Chicago will have an advantage because to their schedule.

They play a bunch of teams that may be, at least theoretically, inferior to them before they play any teams in their own division in Week 11.

However, the NFC North ought to be a fierce division in 2024, with the Minnesota Vikings possibly making a breakthrough if quarterback J.J. McCarthy performs well, and the Green Bay Packers generally predicted to get better.

It doesn’t appear as though the Detroit Lions, who went 12-5 and won the division last season, will be getting any worse very soon.

Even if the team misses the playoffs this season, long-suffering Bears supporters should, at the at least, have a team they can be proud of and enjoy watching on a regular basis.


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