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As the NFL selects the squad that will face the Eagles in Brazil for Week 1, Packers President Mark Murphy brags about the franchise’s presence there.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Football Team

The NFL has frequently come under fire for simply having domestic relevance. The league is selecting between scheduling the Green Bay Packers

and Cleveland Browns to play the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 in Brazil, indicating that it is genuinely attempting to broaden its appeal.

According to ESPN Packers writer Rob Demovsky, club president Mark Murphy boasted about the organization’s influence in the South American nation at the team’s yearly Tailgate Tour on Tuesday.

Murphy remarked, “In Brazil, we’re either the most popular team or the second most.”

The group anticipates receiving the formal statement through Demovsky in the near future.

Murphy went on, “This is very important for the league as well.” “We will gladly go if we are chosen.”

The impact of Green Bay on the nation is remarkable. According to Daire Carragher of 247 Sports, the team has 4.8 million supporters in Brazil, accounting for 12.5% of the nation’s NFL fan base. Wisconsin has a population of just 5.7 million, for comparison.

One might question why Brazilians are so fond of the Packers in particular. A Brazilian Packers fan account with over 23,000 followers is also available on X. Later in the conversation, Murphy provided some clarification on the issue.

According to Packers reporter Wes Hodkiewicz, Murphy bragged, “We’re kind of the people’s team.” “With our heritage and history, the idea of a community-owned team is really appealing to people.”

Human nature dictates that people want to be included, and the fact that Green Bay is the only club in the NFL that lets supporters own stock makes the organization’s case easier. According to Pro Football Network (PFN), the team’s shares are presently worth around $300.

It also helps that Green Bay is one of the most illustrious teams in the league, in addition to their commercial strategies. The Packers have won four Super Bowls, and over the years, a number of legendary players have worn the outfit. A newbie to the sport may find it simple to root for a successful team that has a strong community-based attitude.

Still, a logistical problem could keep the Packers from fulfilling their worldwide objective, according to Sports Illustrated’s Spencer German. Murphy discussed it back in March at the NFL Owner’s Meetings.

Murphy declared, “We’re very supportive of international play.” The size of our runway and airport, however, is the only problem with Green Bay. Making sure we won’t be at a competitive disadvantage in terms of travel time to Brazil is something we want to ensure. It’s possible that we’ll need to take a bus to Milwaukee before taking a plane.

The Packers’ commute is more difficult than that of other teams as Green Bay’s Austin Straubel Airport is not set up for foreign flights. Still, it could be worth the hassle for the league and them. The NFL will gain more respect throughout the world the more it can leverage and grow its Brazilian fan base.



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