New York Giants to sign a new quarterback

Giants May Hold Off on Drafting a QB

There has been continuous talk in New York about allocating a first-round draft pick to the quarterback position ever since Daniel Jones tore his ACL last season, ending any hopes of getting his team to the postseason after a dismal start. The Giants might not be fully committed to selecting a passer with their current top pick, No. 6 overall, according to Ari Meirov of the 33rd Team.

The Giants signed Jones to a four-year, $160MM contract as compensation for his playoff-caliber play, which included leading the league in interceptions per pass attempt. Although it is evident that his first year under the new contract did not go as planned, New York has repeatedly stated that it does not regret signing Jones and isn’t nearly ready to give up on him. Nevertheless, they made it clear that they intended to bring in a quarterback down the road; Jones’ history of injuries made this necessary.

They genuinely need to talk about how that will operate now. According to most predictions, a group of four quarterbacks will start the night’s first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Though it’s not a given, the Giants would probably not see any of their desired quarterbacks return to them if that happened. Even still, a lot of mock drafts continue to project a quarterback to New York via a trade up into the No. 4 overall pick of the Cardinals.

Meirov reports that the Giants would only consider pursuing North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye among the passers not named “Caleb Williams” should he begin to falter. Although it’s widely anticipated that Maye would fall to the sixth pick, this may also mean that, should both the Commanders and the Patriots pass on Maye, New York would move up to the fourth pick.

If not, Meirov thinks they may wait until the second round to draft a quarterback and instead target a different position, such as wide receiver or offensive tackle, at No. 6 overall. Both Bo Nix of Oregon and Michael Penix Jr. of Washington were considered Day 2 options at one point, but it all depends on how things work out. Penix and Nix may be mentioned before their value due to the rush of passers at the top of the draft (the Raiders have consistently linked Penix at No. 13 overall), but if either quarterback falls back into the second round, the Giants should definitely consider them as top targets.

They can use their No. 6 overall pick to trade back and acquire more picks without addressing the offensive line or receiving corps, then select one of the two passers if they really like Penix or Nix and see them beginning to fade in the first round. In the event that they lose out on Penix and Nix, they might need to move down in the second round, if necessary, to acquire South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler, who is generally seen as having third-round or later value.

Either way, the Giants have a ton of choices. Despite their continued commitment to Jones, they still feel that a rookie should be in the room. The way they choose to add that rookie could reveal a lot about their feelings about Jones in 2024.

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