Mark Murphy storms eagles with new rules.

Tailgate Tour, which may expand to a new nation, is highlighted by the Packers’ popularity.

Packers CEO Mark Murphy is a defendant in two new Northwestern lawsuits -  NBC Sports

GREEN BAY: Mark Murphy’s speech on Tuesday sounded a lot like the guy who will lead his club on a considerably longer journey to begin the 2024 NFL season than the Green Bay Packers’ Tailgate Tour bus trek.

Murphy did not dispute the notion that the NFL, under commissioner Roger Goodell, and the league

desire that one of its most recognizable teams take on the Philadelphia Eagles on September 6 at Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Corinthians Arena.

Murphy stated, “I believe we are the most well-liked team in Brazil, if not the most.” “It seems they enjoy gold and green.”

Naturally, the Brazilian national flag features a huge yellow diamond set above a blue disk adorned with stars and a white ring.

Then, Murphy stated that he believed the only team that had been more popular than the Packers was the New England Patriots, led by quarterback Tom Brady and his then-wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen. However, Murphy added, “I think that was a few years (ago)”


There, Murphy remarked, “we’re very popular.” As we’ve discussed, we consider ourselves to be the ‘people’s team.’ With our heritage and history, the concept of a community-owned club is really appealing to people.

Packers have a “better plan in place” than they had a year ago as they begin their offseason training.

Murphy stated that the NFL has reduced its options for the Eagles’ opponent to the Packers and the Cleveland Browns during the annual NFL Meetings last month.

Although it is an Eagles home game, the Packers may have an edge over the Eagles by playing at a neutral location, even one outside of the country, as opposed to, example, playing the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in late November with NFC playoff implications.

In 2022, the Packers participated in their first overseas regular-season match at London’s Tottenham

Hotspur Stadium, where they were defeated by the New York Giants. The Packers were not very happy about having to fly across the water and forfeit a home game at Lambeau Field in order to play that game, which was a home game for them.


In addition to visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, and Tennessee Titans, the Packers would play nine home games and just seven real road games against NFC North rivals Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota if they were chosen for Brazil.

Murphy stated that he believes the selection will be made “quite soon,” although he did not specify when the NFL will reveal the Eagles’ opponent.


Murphy’s main objection to the Packers’ selection is how feasible such a journey would be. He said during the NFL Meetings that the Green Bay Packers could have to take a bus to Milwaukee in order to get to the game because the runways at Austin Straubel International Airport aren’t large enough to handle the size of jet the team will need for a journey to Brazil.

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