Lamar Jackson failed to do the Baltimore accent.

Lamar Jackson’s attempt at a Baltimore accent fell flat. Hon, there’s no guilt in that.

“I don’t know if unanimous is going to be the word for [Lamar Jackson] this year,” said Isaiah Likely.
Isaiah Likely claimed that Lamar Jackson is now more deadly than ever after losing weight.
Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, appears thinner than he did in 2023, according to viral pictures from the offseason. Strength and conditioning coordinator Scott Elliott stated last month that he has “never been more excited about Lamar Jackson in April.” Additionally, Jackson stated on Complex Sports’ “I Got Time Today” earlier this week that he is 10 pounds lighter than he was the previous season and 25 pounds lighter than he was in 2022, confirming the authenticity of his slender appearance.

Two years ago, Jackson said, “I was 230.” “Last season, I was like 215, but I’m like 205 now.”

This suggests that Lamar Jackson may play faster going forward, more in line with his incredible 2019 campaign, which saw him win his first league MVP title and become just the second-ever unanimous MVP.

However, tight end Isaiah Likely, who recently joined Up & Adams, believes that Jackson’s next 2024 campaign may not even be best described as “unanimous.”
“I was walking when I saw ‘L.’ He was back-throwing, and I was thinking, ‘Who is that?'” And he rushes at me, and I reply, “Dude, there’s no way.” “L,” what have you not been eating? And he says, “Man, I feel better now.” “I’m back and I’m running high ‘L,” probably said to Kay Adams. “Let me just state this. If you all previously believed that “L” was quick, then couldn’t get caught before. Man. I’m telling you. I don’t know if unanimous is going to be the word this year. That’s all I’m going to say.”

It was believed that Jackson gained weight in recent seasons in order to get stronger and more resilient in order to better withstand the physical style of play in the NFL, and the AFC North in particular. However, a more streamlined version is anticipated to more accurately represent Jackson’s hallmark speed and quickness. In contrast to the previous years, he was healthy for the whole regular season last year when he played at a lesser weight.

In 2024, a faster and more slender Lamar Jackson will be joining the legendary Derrick Henry in the backfield to compete for everything.

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