JUST IN:Trey Benson and one other disqualified for 2024 NFL draft

Two guys the Browns should pass on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Benson scores 3 TDs as unbeaten FSU rallies past Florida, stays in playoff  hunt

There will be no end to rumors as the 2024 NFL Draft draws near regarding what clubs are up to and how they plan to strengthen their rosters for

the next season and beyond. This includes the Cleveland Browns, who will choose first overall in this year’s draft at No. 54 overall in the second round.

The Browns’ transfer of Deshaun Watson to the Houston Texans in 2022 has prevented them from selecting in the first round for three years

running. But unlike the past two years, at least this year they won’t have to wait until the third round.

Like other clubs, the Browns have requirements. The club looking for assistance at wide receiver, running back, offensive line, defensive line, and

linebacker are a few to watch out for. Cleveland was able to at least begin resolving some of those issues by making some noteworthy free agent

additions, including bringing in Jameis Winston as Watson’s backup. However, there is still work to be done.

additional in 2024.

They will only have five selections total in this year’s draft; they will have picks in everything but the fourth round of the draft. Their selection in the

second round will be their only pick. This means that in order to add to and improve a club that made it back to the postseason last year with hopes

for more in 2024, general manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski will need to be deliberate and picky in their draft selections.

The Browns should steer clear of these two guys in the 2024 NFL Draft:

Nick Chubb is anticipated to return for the 2024 season, but given his advanced age and most recent ACL rupture, it appears like his time with the

Browns may be coming to an end. Therefore, the Browns must identify their next starting running back, or at the very least, a trustworthy No. 2.

Even though the 2024 running back class isn’t expected to be very good, the Browns will mostly find themselves with some intriguing candidates in

the latter rounds of the selection. But selecting Trey Benson, who has been in several mock drafts for the Browns, at No. 54 with their first choice

shouldn’t be their first priority.

Eventually, though, Benson has the potential to be a solid back in the league. At Florida State, he recorded two seasons in a row with 900 yards and

44 missed tackles. However, given the lack of certainty at the position in this year’s draft, the Browns—including Benson—should probably pass on

selecting a running back with their second-round choice. Make your choice if he is available in the third.

Even though the Browns were able to re-sign Shelby Harris, Maurice Hurst, and Za’Darius Smith to short-term contracts, they still need defensive

line support. This Browns defensive line is getting older despite those re-signings, albeit again, just for shorter stints given that they have new


The Miami Hurricanes’ Leonard Taylor III might seem like the perfect match for the Browns in the second round, but the club should definitely

take it slow. Taylor struggled with consistency during his tenure at Miami, appearing to be successful one minute and dominant the next. He’s a

hot-and-cold interior defensive lineman who can be a powerful and explosive impact player when he’s on, but these moments are never assured,

according to PFF. The Browns could decide to concentrate on a more dependable prospect in this draft if they choose to choose this player with the

first choice.


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