Jonah Elliss Reject Denver Broncos call

When Jonah Elliss wasn’t available, the Broncos were thinking about trading back.

By far the best player on their list was the explosive edge rusher, and if he wasn’t available, they were thinking about trading down.

Following the end of the second day of the 2024 NFL Draft, Denver Broncos general manager George Paton stated to the media that if Jonah Elliss had not been available, they would have thought about moving down. As far as we know, Elliss was available, and in the third round of the selection, the Broncos took him with their 76th overall pick.
Jonah Ellis led their board by half a round, head coach Sean Payton informed reporters. Because of how their board collapsed, they were thinking of trading back if he wasn’t available. Once more, it is untrue, but it’s intriguing to note that none of the other plays that were offered had ratings as high as Elliss’.

Paton made a joke about how if they had traded back, it might have been Payton’s first time ever—he’s known to be quite aggressive—and they had prepared a cake and everything, but Elliss was just too good to ignore.
We were genuinely thinking of going back if Jonah hadn’t been there. Perhaps this was Sean’s first time moving back? A cake was prepared. We were glad Jonah was present.

The Broncos contemplated trading back but decided against it for the second straight night. They considered moving back a few positions in the selection order to choose quarterback Bo Nix on the first night, but ultimately chose not to second-guess themselves and selected their man at 12th overall. They chose a player at a premium position on their squad tonight who isn’t necessarily a vulnerability at this time, staying loyal to their board.
When the Broncos have six picks and the freedom to move up or down on day three, I would anticipate the no trade up or back policy to change.

“Tomorrow has a lot of talented players. Although we have six choices, we are not limited. We have the option to go up and obtain a player who is up at the top of the fourth, or we can always move back. Flexibility is crucial. We discuss flexibility all the time. With six picks, tomorrow is going to be exciting. There was a long wait.
With one pick in the fourth round, three in the fifth, one in the sixth, and one in the seventh, the Broncos will have six picks tomorrow. The Broncos should make a number of trades tomorrow to ensure they acquire their player and/or acquire additional selections, in my opinion.

At the top of the fourth round, there are still a number of great prospects left, so they might move up a few spots to ensure they land their man. They may target these positions on the third day of the draft because they have needs at corner, defensive line, tight end, wide receiver, and running back.

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