Jared Goff disparaging remarks made toward Detroit media

Jared Goff explains disparaging remarks made toward Detroit media

There were many unknowns within the fan base when the Detroit Lions traded away Matthew Stafford.

Even though Stafford led the Lions through numerous difficult years, he was a well-liked member of the team.
Since things with the Los Angeles Rams didn’t work out, fans were disappointed to see him go and questioned what Jared Goff might offer.

But Goff has done a fantastic job winning over the fans by leading the Lions to their first NFC North championship and demonstrating his mettle.

Despite not making it to the Super Bowl, this was a positive move for the Lions, who are starting to but this was a step in the right direction for a Lions team that is starting to gain more momentum.

Despite his strong play on the field, Goff recently made some remarks that the Lions media and fans did not find flattering.

During a conversation with ESPN’s Eric Woodyard, Goff allegedly made remarks regarding the negative nature of the reporter’s queries, which he attempted to explain.

Goff stated, “There’s been a lot of positivity, but it might have been twisted a little bit.”
Goff was sincere in his apologies for the way his remarks were interpreted, at least throughout this exchange with Woodyard.

He seems to like being a part of the Lions and intends to become even more involved with the community and fans.

Will this apology suffice to win back the respect of the public and fans alike?


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