It would be a poor decision for the Jaguars if this happen

It would be a poor decision for the Jaguars to trade up for a TE prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The few hours leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft are filled with a lot of false information and speculations. It was confusing to learn that the Jacksonville Jaguars are considering trading up to address a position that isn’t a necessity, even though a lot of this information turns out to be untrue.

According to ESPN’s Todd McShay, he has heard rumors that the Jaguars are hoping to move up to acquire tight end Brock Bowers. If they weren’t piled up at the position, this wouldn’t be strange. Located at the top of the depth chart is none other than Evan Engram. Josiah Deguara, Luke Farrell, and sophomore Brenton Strange are behind him.

Without a doubt, Bowers is a fantastic potential. Teams in need of a blocking and receiving threat in the middle of the field could benefit from his services. But Jacksonville doesn’t need him. After a lackluster first season, Strange is anticipated to play a larger part on offense, and they recently awarded Engram a contract extension last year.

Their third tight end, Farrell, is likewise a trustworthy blocker who performs well when needed. Not to be overlooked is Deguara, who signed as a free agent in March and should get work as a blocking specialist. Bowers has no place in Jacksonville, no matter how you slice it.

Furthermore, the Jaguars have more pressing requirements. They need to strengthen their cornerback and search for assistance at wide receiver even if they were interested in Bowers. Should that be insufficient, Jacksonville would have to secure a spot in the top 10 in order to obtain the former Georgia Bulldog. Regardless of how you slice it, that isn’t possible. These are the last bits of information McShay gave at the start of Draft Day.

The Jaguars ought to only acquire Malik Nabers by trading up.
With ease, the Jacksonville Jaguars could hold their position at No. 17 and select the top player accessible. By then on Day 1, they will still have plenty of tempting options. In the top 10, there can be a scramble for quarterbacks, and teams might search for offensive tackles all through the first round. The Jaguars would then be able to choose from among the best pass rushers or cornerbacks in the class.

The two best receivers in the class, Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze, should be the only players the Jaguars move up for. They’re really keen on Nabers and have expressed interest in both of them, according to earlier reports. However, they’ll need to climb into the top 10 if they hope to win either. That’s a trade that makes sense, now.

The Chicago Bears, who own the ninth overall pick, are thought to be a possible trade partner and have reportedly been informing teams that they are willing to negotiate if the price is right. The eighth-ranked Atlanta Falcons might possibly be considering offers. However, if the Jaguars summon them, it must beĀ  with the intention to acquire either Nabers or Odunze.

Taking everything into account, it appears that this Brock Bowers rumor is all smoke and mirrors. Perhaps the Jags were trying to hide their true intentions by throwing it to the breeze. Fans won’t be happy if they actually want to trade up for him, but if that’s the case, that’s okay.

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