Insider’s Revealed Denver Broncos QB Target for Sean Payton

Insider’s Revealed QB Target for Sean Payton: ‘Ready to Mortgage Future’ Broncos

It seems that the quarterbacks for the Denver Broncos have made up their minds. Moving up the board is the next task.
The majority of Denver Broncos supporters are weary of hearing rumors. After all, the period preceding the NFL draft is referred regarded as “lying season.”

The Broncos have been associated with numerous quarterback rumors, and with the draft approaching in a few days, veteran draft source Tony Pauline has released another piece of information. A lot of attention has been paid to the “bad taste” Broncos head coach Sean Payton still harbors from passing up Patrick Mahomes, his top draft choice in 2017, after the Kansas City Chiefs moved up 17 spots to choose the Texas Tech quarterback instead of the New Orleans Saints.

Why does that matter for the next draft? According to sources, Payton will always harbor resentment over missing out on Mahomes. According to recent reports from within the league, the Broncos coach is prepared to take a risk on the team’s future in order to advance and choose a quarterback on Thursday night, Pauline wrote via Sportskeeda on Saturday.
Pauline claims that Payton is willing to utilize Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Surtain II as the ultimate sweetener in order to fulfill his unwavering desire to trade up for a quarterback.

“Again, there are rumors that the Broncos are planning to provide Patrick Surtain II in exchange for a quarterback. With the assistance of my old friend and Broncos reporter Cecil Lammey, I first reported on that from the Shrine Bowl.”

Yes, the Surtain rumor has been around since Pauline first brought it up in January. It could hurt if the Pro Bowl corner prevented Payton from landing the franchise quarterback of his dreams, but it doesn’t sound like it would be a deal-breaker for the Broncos.

Losing such a young, talented corner would hurt, but even with his impressive career, how many postseason appearances has Surtain helped the team achieve since his arrival in 2021? Denver lacked a franchise quarterback after Peyton Manning, and not even the legendary Von Miller could make up for it.

The Broncos are astute enough to see that, with Payton in charge, the cart is currently in front of the horse. While it would be ideal to select Payton’s fantasy quarterback in this draft and keep Surtain, a key component of a winning team, the Broncos would not have a hard time selecting between the two.
If the Broncos don’t get a franchise quarterback, they’ll remain in NFL purgatory. Payton is aware of this.

Who, though, is Payton’s favorite person? It seems improbable that he will go to the top spot, rendering Caleb Williams of USC unattainable. Though it’s likely that one of them would be selected at No. 2, Payton’s move to No. 3 would put players like Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy, UNC’s Drake Maye, and LSU’s Jayden Daniels on the table.

Pauline finds out that Michigan’s National Champion quarterback McCarthy is Payton’s goal. McCarthy might be the target if the Broncos play the Los Angeles Chargers (No. 5) or Arizona Cardinals (No. 4), who Pauline characterizes as teams in need of a cornerback. But regardless of whether the Broncos are selected at No. 4, there’s a decent possibility McCarthy goes off the board.

The Minnesota Vikings are rumored to be smitten with McCarthy as well and have a lot more leverage to advance. However, Denver possesses something that Minnesota does not? PS2.

For a club like the Cardinals that needs a premier shutdown corner, that might mean the difference between life and death. We’ll find out eventually. Opening night of the NFL draft is Thursday, April 25.

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