Giants sign undrafted defensive lineman to rookie contract

Undrafted defensive lineman is signed to a rookie contract by the Giants

The New York Giants welcomed a number of undrafted free agents for tryouts last week, and they are currently evaluating them in an effort to find hidden gems who could be able to help the team.
The Giants’ Potential with Elijah Chatman
Among these undrafted players, Elijah Chatman of SMU is one exceptional candidate. Chatman is 23 years old, 6’0″ tall, and weighs 278 pounds. He is a Louisiana native who is known for his aggressive and powerful style of play, which he hopes to use to earn a spot on the Giants team.

Chatman played 474 snaps for the Mustangs in his final season, recording 21 tackles with a 19.4% missed tackle percentage, and making an impact with 24 pressures and five sacks. Although his tackling effectiveness might be increased, these numbers show his promise as a pass rusher. The Giants are optimistic that they can help him hone his abilities to the point where he can play in the NFL.
Chatman’s Academic Achievements and Future Prospects
During his time at SMU, Chatman had a number of successful seasons. In 2021, in particular, he recorded 20 pressures and garnered good marks for run defense. Being able to play in all 14 games the previous season and be named to the All-AAC first team speaks something about his endurance.

Former three-star prospect Chatman is currently being watched closely by defensive line coach Andre Patterson of the Giants, who believes he has a lot of promise as a developmental project. Chatman’s future with the team will be largely determined by how well he performs in the preseason and training camp, even though he will probably start his professional career on the practice squad.

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