Former NFL star Tom Brady sued Eagles supporters for being racist.

In his Netflix reply, Tom Brady rips out “racist” Philadelphia supporters.

Since Super Bowl LII, Eagles supporters have been making fun of Tom Brady. However, on Sunday, Netflix made a collection of Brady’s closest friends—as well as some of his adversaries—do the same as part of “The Greatest Roast of All Time.” Sadly, Nick Foles was not there to hurl some barbs at Brady following the Super Bowl victory. Neither was any other Eagle from that Super Bowl squad, including Brandon Graham, who was the recipient of the game-winning sack. However, Brady continued to take shots at Philadelphia supporters when he responded toward the end of the three-hour program.

“Philly fans are a bunch of racist (expletives),” Brady stated. “… But Kevin Hart is from there, so I understand.” Does Brady realize that he played in Boston?

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“Philly has to grease their poles when they win a championship,” he continued. “How do they accomplish it? by massaging a Philadelphian onto them.” Although Hart, an Eagles fan and native of Philadelphia, hosted the roast, he refrained from making any jokes about the team. Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s ex-wife, and Brady’s connection with former coach Bill Belichick—who was present at the roast—were the subjects of Hart’s attention. A long list of guests, including Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Drew Bledsoe, Belichick, comic Nikki Glaser, and even Ben Affleck, arrived to take potshots at Brady.

The whole stadium erupted in a chant that Brady was “Eli Manning’s (expletive),” alluding to Brady’s two Super Bowl defeats to Manning’s Giants, when Will Ferrell appeared as Ron Burgundy. Manning joked on X that he had already roasted Brady twice, but he did not appear himself.

So, consider it a complement, Eagles supporters. Over the years since the Super Bowl victory, you’ve managed to so skillfully get under Brady’s skin that he put you in the roast without asking.

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