Former CB for Titans write a touching narrative saying…

Can Gabe Jeudy-Lally, a former CB for the Tennessee Volunteers, write a touching narrative with the Titans?

The Tennessee undrafted free agent is trying to get on the Titans’ 53-man roster.
After the 2024 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans reached agreements with 16 undrafted free agents. Former Tennessee Volunteers cornerback Gabe Jeudy-Lally was one of the best. Jeudy-Lally will work hard to be included in the 53-man roster.
Throughout 2023, Jeudy-Lally proved to be a valuable asset to the Volunteers. This past season, he recorded 47 tackles and six pass breakups. Jeudy-Lally shown sufficient adaptability to carry out various coverage designs. He plays the position with a contagious amount of enthusiasm and a red-hot motor.

During the 2022 college football season, Jeudy-Lally was arguably even more effective while playing for BYU. He logged a career-high seven pass breakups there. Jeudy-Lally is a well-traveled prospect who has also played locally at Vanderbilt in the past.

Throughout the pre-draft phase, Jeudy-Lally was consistently of interest to the Titans. He stuck there for more than two hours after the local pro day in Tennessee ended. Throughout the day, Jeudy-Lally met with Colt Anderson, the special teams coach, and head coach of the Titans, Brian Callahan. Later, in undrafted free agency, the Titans signed him to a deal that included $35,000 in guaranteed money overall.

At cornerback, the Titans’ top three players are unquestionably L’Jarius Sneed, Roger McCreary, and Chido Awuzie. The positions behind those three will be competitive. Although Brownlee did have a slight injury during rookie minicamp, rookie cornerback Jarvis Brownlee Jr. is the early frontrunner to start at number four. If he wants to get a role, he needs to stay on the field.

Tre Avery and Eric Garror are among the other players on the depth chart. Although Avery and Garror have experience playing in NFL games, with Dennard Wilson’s new defense coordinator scheme, everyone is beginning from zero. This summer, Jeudy-Lally plans to create a heartfelt story.

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