Edmonton Oilers will pay the largest salary cap overage penalty.

For 2024–2025, the Edmonton Oilers will pay the largest salary cap overage bonus penalty.

The Edmonton Oilers lead the 11 NHL teams that could be subject to cap overage fines for the upcoming season as a result of their season-long bonuses.

One may argue that this is the best team Connor McDavid (and Leon Draisaitl) have ever played for the Edmonton Oilers, and that it has the potential to help him ultimately find the Holy Grail. There’s also a sense of urgency because he’s in his ninth season in the NHL and wants to establish himself as the best hockey player of this generation.

Although it’s not quite appropriate to argue that McDavid and the Oilers have to win the Stanley Cup now or never, there might never be a finer opportunity for him to accomplish so. This is due to their salary cap circumstance in addition to the talent on the roster at the moment.

With nine pending unrestricted free agents (UFA), the Oilers will have a lot of work to do when this season ends, as we noted earlier this month. Warren Foegele, Vincent Desharnais, Adam Henrique, Connor Brown, Corey Perry, Mattias Janmark, Sam Carrick, Troy Stecher, and Calvin Pickard are a few of these.

The financial position is a further complicating factor, as the Oilers already have a projected cap hit of $73,266,667 for the upcoming season. With the salary cap rising to $87.5 million in 2024–2025—there will be slightly more than $14.2 million available to sign their nine pending UFAs.

Maximum performance bonus overage cap was reached.
But there’s more to the Oilers’ difficult salary cap predicament than just the necessity of using Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR) this season. They are one of the 11 teams who will have a performance bonus overage cap hit in 2024–25, according to PuckPedia.
With a bonus overage carryover of $3.45 million, the Oilers will have the largest amount. The Washington Capitals are third at over $2.252 million, followed by the Dallas Stars at slightly under $2.6 million.

This is the proof, if any was needed, of a team giving it their best and of it practically being a case of now or never. Even though the Oilers might not end up winning their first Stanley Cup since 1990, supporters can at least be grateful that Ken Holland and team are making every effort to turn this goal into a reality.


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