Eagles Veterans cry out for safety and help after the attack

Veterans of the Eagles who won’t be safe after the 2024 NFL Draft

It is unavoidable. With this roster stacked, there are no guarantees for even some of the veterans; they will have to make difficult choices.

Put the strongest team on the field at all times. That is the aim of every NFL team. There are teams who do better than this one. Jeffrey Lurie is fortunately the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles. Howie Roseman, the general manager and vice president, works for them. When you consider that you might have been born in Charlotte and raised as a Panthers fan, it’s actually quite the bright side.

Once more, “HowieSZN” hashtags are widely used on X, the website that was formerly known as Twitter. Nobody stacks his team like the legendary Howie. After having to cope with the heartache of the previous season’s collapse, this offseason has been fantastic for viewing.

During free agency, Philly was productive. They did contribute to the 2024 NFL Draft (as well as the subsequent acquisition of several UDFAs). The roster is packed here. There is only one issue. Philly is not able to hold onto everyone.

These are a few Eagles who should be nervous following the 2024 NFL Draft.
For the length of training camp, each NFL team is permitted to carry ninety-nine prospects. There may be multiple changes to the depth chart, but ultimately, 53 players and a 16-man practice squad must be selected. It is unavoidable. Good players and well-known faces will be sent packing.

Some of those players will be established veterans. It’s only May. Things can change, but we may be able to identify some of the guys on the hot seat.

James Bradberry & Zech McPhearson, cornerbacks

There’s regression, and then, there’s what happened to James Bradberry duing the 2023 NFL season. That needs its own word. Rather than watch another 17 games of what he put on tape last season, Philly may want to talk about whether or not he needs to be a post-June 1st cut candidate.

That would prevent Philly from having to swallow all of that $15 million dead cap hit all at once.

Zech McPhearson, just last season, was expected to be Philly’s backup slot corner, but a preseason injury ended all chances of that happening. The NFL lifted Isaiah Rodgers’ suspension and added Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean in the most recent draft which frankly increases the difficulty Zech will see in making this 2024 roster.

Tarron Jackson & Patrick Johnson, EDGE

Tarron Jackson and Patrick Johnson both have talent, but every NFL franchise has a depth chart. Every depth chart represents a numbers game. Ahead of both of these guys in the pecking order are Bryce Huff, Josh Sweat, Nolan Smith, and Brandon Graham, and some might even state the chances are high that Philly will prioritize keeping Jalyx Hunt, a 2024 third-rounder.

That isn’t to say Jackson and Johnson can’t make the roster, but they’re on the bubble seemingly every summer. Not only that, this time around appears to be the most challenging climb that both will have to make.

Le’Raven Clark & Brett Toth, offensive line

Simply put, Le’Raven Clark and Brett Toth have the respect of Jeff Stoutland. Both are proven commodities albeit reserves who deserve to be on an NFL roster. The questions are about whether or not that roster’s Philly’s.

Tyler Steen was drafted in 2023. Matt Hennessy was acquired in March. Trevor Keegan and Dylan McMahon were drafted in April, and Philly also added two UDFAs right after the selection meeting (Anim Dankwah and Gottlieb Ayedze). Oh, and, let’s not forget about the signing of Mekhi Becton.

DeVante Parker and Parris Campbell, wide receivers

Suddenly, it feels like it’s a ‘one or the other scenario’ with these two. Philly might keep DeVante Parker or Parris Campbell, but it doesn’t feel like there is room to keep both, right?

Maybe Parker has the slight edge. Maybe he doesn’t. Who knows? What we do know is this. A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith aren’t going anywhere and Ainias Smith and Johnny Taylor were just drafted.

Let’s say Philly keeps six wideouts on the 53-man roster. Parker and Campbell will compete with Britain Covey, Austin Watkins, Joseph Ngata, Jacob Harris, and Shaquan Davis for two roster spots. That battle at wide receiver will be an intriguing one as always.

Albert Okwuegbunam & Grant Calcaterra, tight end

Yeah… Philly signed Albert Okwuegbunam to that one-year extension. Sure, Grant Calcaterra isn’t eligible for free agency until 2026, but let’s be honest here. Philly isn’t getting much out of either one of them.

C.J. Uzomah is a Bird now. Philly added a talented UDFA who can provide what Albert O. and Grant haven’t, a guy that can make plays with the ball in his hands after the catch.

Castles might prove to be superior during preseason and training camp. That’s an assurance. Will Philadelphia maintain four or three tight ends? That’s a significant query. Think this through in the interim.

Calcaterra and Okwuegbunam are both capable of making the squad. It is possible to omit both from the list. Either one could be added to the roster. The three situations are all plausible.

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