Eagles special teams coordinator Michael Clay break down.

Michael Clay analyzes the Eagles draft selections’ return potential.


After rookie camp, Eagles special teams coordinator Michael Clay addressed the media and answered questions on the team’s readiness for the NFL’s new kickoff regulations.
Britain Covey, who is back for his third NFL season, was one of the league’s best punt returners for the Eagles last season.

However, there is a brand-new kickoff regulation, and the Eagles selected three guys with a wealth of collegiate return experience in the draft last month.

Therefore, even if Eagles special teams coach Michael Clay has nothing but praise for Covey, the 2024 Eagles may still have a chance in the return game.

“With all of these potential punt returners, they can watch some film and get a feel for the game; it’s a different animal out there for these guys coming from college,” Clay explained. “so making sure they get as many reps as they can.”

For no other reason than their capacity to return, the Eagles did not select Cooper DeJean in the second round, Will Shipley in the fourth, or Ainias Smith in the fifth. However, it is a benefit.

After breaking them all down last week, Clay stated, “I think they all excel in different phases.”

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