Detroit Lions should have selected four guys for this

Instead of Giovanni Manu, the Detroit Lions should have selected four guys.

Here are four guys the Lions ought to have selected in the stead of Giovanni Manu, who they undoubtedly reached for in the draft.

Anything less than 80 percent would not have sufficed if you were to have placed a percentage bet on the Detroit Lions trading to enter an earlier portion of Day 3 of the 2024 draft before the day began. Thus, it was hardly shocking when they found themselves under time pressure at choice No. 126 in the fourth round.

The player they selected was unexpected. Giovanni Manu, an offensive tackle at the University of British Columbia, was not considered by most to be among the top 200–300 prospects in this year’s class. After an incredible Pro Day, he was a latecomer to the pre-draft process, making a series of visits prior to the final day pre-draft visits were permitted.

Manu certainly seems to have upside, and he may become a future starter along the Lions’ offensive line. Working closely with Penei Sewell, who he looks up to, can only help. But after he played left tackle and left guard in college, the plan seems to be to move Manu to right guard. So his NFL learning curve will have a “learn to do everything the opposite of how you’ve done it before” element.

General manager Brad Holmes has built up equity and benefit of any doubt with his draft track record. But giving up a third-round pick next year (top-100 overall?) to draft a project with a pick just outside the top-125 this year is questionable until Manu shows otherwise. It feels just as likely that he’ll be a future star as he’ll be forgotten two years from now.

Given the quality of the Lions roster, it is possible to take chances in the draft and develop players who are not required to start right away. However, selecting pick 126 to add a player who could make a bigger impact right away could have been good, especially since the squad appears to be a Super Bowl contender.

In light of that, the Lions ought to have selected these four individuals in instead of Giovanni Manu in the draft.

Four individuals the Lions should have selected at No. 126 in the 2024 NFL Draft in place of Giovanni Manu

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