Detroit Lions selects a quarterback to maintain this momentum

Last-minute, audacious NFL Draft projections for the Detroit Lions in 2024

It’s almost time for the Lions to play.

The Detroit Lions’ new clothes won’t be worn until August, when preseason play gets underway. One NFL Draft hopeful, though, might hold this week’s fresh threads up with commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL Draft of 2024 is just a few days away. Hundreds of thousands of supporters will assemble in the Motor City to watch the selection of their clubs’ future players.
The Lions have just finished one of their greatest seasons ever. In 2023, Detroit achieved its first-ever NFC North victory. Additionally, they won their first division title in more than three decades. They also made their first NFC Championship Game trip since 1991.

The Lions are under pressure to keep winning, no doubt about it. It’s been a while since Detroit’s football squad has generated this much excitement. They now need to put in effort to maintain this momentum in their favor. Detroit’s ability to do that is largely dependent on the NFL Draft.

At the NFL Draft, general manager Brad Holmes is in an intriguing situation. And for the next week, that opens up a world of possibilities. Let’s make some wild last-minute predictions about the Detroit Lions before football fans travel to the Motor City, as the draft is just a few days away.

Lions exit the first round via trade.
Fans of the Lions may confirm that Brad Holmes will operate in the team’s best interests. He is undoubtedly not scared to make audacious and unpopular decisions during the NFL Draft, as we seen in 2023. He might take another controversial stand in 2024, but this time it would primarily come from within his own fan base.
Holmes is not choosing among the top 10 picks at the NFL Draft for the first time. 29th overall is Detroit’s first-round selection this year. Whatever he does, fans will have a long wait ahead of them. However, those supporters undoubtedly hope that their Thursday night wait won’t be in vain given that this year’s draft will take place in Detroit.

The general manager of the Lions has indicated that he is amenable to any and all solutions, though. Detroit will select a player who suits their club if they are pleased with how the board is arranged in the first round. If not, Holmes will not hesitate to make a deal if it will ultimately benefit the squad.

According to Holmes, via FOX 2 Detroit, “I know the perfect storm is get to the pick, it stays there, they’ve been waiting all night, you make the pick and everybody’s happy.” Nonetheless, we must act morally when it comes to the organization. And I’ll simply issue a public apology and PSA afterwards, and we’ll be good to go.

Holmes will definitely make it past the first round of the NFL Draft, according to one of our audacious Lions predictions. In subsequent rounds, the Detroit decision-maker will amass further selections. This guarantees the Lions acquire the players they believe best suit them and gives them the opportunity to add more depth to the roster.
Detroit makes a QB choice.
The quarterback position is one that the Lions are very adept at. Since his arrival in 2021, Jared Goff has established himself as the starting signal-caller in the Motor City. The seasoned quarterback and the Lions still need to work out an agreement soon. But going forward, the entire organization is in support of him.

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