Detroit Lions looking forward new project on player

Talk: Which rookie for the Detroit Lions are you most looking forward to watching?

Which 2024 NFL Draft selection made by the Detroit Lions are you most eager to watch play?

A week has passed since the conclusion of the 2024 NFL Draft. On a national scale, Detroit and the Detroit Lions put on an incredible display. It was a total transformation of Detroit’s perspective. With 775,000 people jam-packed onto Campus Martius over the weekend, Detroit quickly became known as a major event destination.


Regarding the Lions, their general manager Brad Holmes is undoubtedly a bit of a showman. Whether you agree or disagree with some of his choices, there’s no denying that Holmes gave the Lions’ weekend some serious flair. He traded up to select the first cornerback in the draft, moved up three more spots in the five picks that are still available, took a big risk on a player from a Canadian college that has never had a drafted player on its roster, and took a fun two-way player. Oh, and on Day 3, perhaps two of the biggest steals of the draft were made to close out the competition.

After taking in all of this information over the course of a dramatic week, let’s ask a straightforward question regarding the Lions draft now that everything has calmed down:
Which rookie with the Lions are you most eager to watch?
My response: Terrion Arnold is the obvious choice, considering how difficult it has been for this team to get quality cornerback play since Darius Slay was kicked out of town. Not only do I anticipate that he will be successful right away, but his entire demeanor seems so… un-rookie-like.
However, I’m going to say Sione Vaki instead of taking the simple route here. It’s difficult not to get excited about this kid as much as the Lions do. I am aware that kid is probably destined for primarily  a special teams role early in his career, Holmes seemed overflowing with eagerness to see him on the offensive side of the ball.

“He started making these plays running the ball and in the passing game. When I saw that, I was like, ‘He’s not even majoring in this and he’s looking like that?’” Holmes said. “And then you get more into his background, and he was more of an offensive player in high school. He did a lot of things on offense. But it was very impressive what he did with the ball in his hands, and not just making (people) miss and things like that, but he runs hard. Again, he’s a football player who plays football how we like it.”

Now imagine the creative mind of offensive coordinator Ben Johnson taking his new weapon and finding unorthodox ways to use him. Maybe they take things slowly with Vaki. They’ve shown in the past they don’t want to overburden young players with too many roles too early. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re going to see some Vaki packages on the offensive side of the ball sooner rather than later.

Which Lions rookie are you most eager to see on the field?

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