Detroit Lions and Jared Goff goes into contract negotiations following this discussion

  1. The Detroit Lions are anticipated to extend Jared Goff’s incredible contract.

There were reports a year ago that the Detroit Lions were considering picking a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. Hendon Hooker was selected by the Lions with the 68th overall pick, but Jared Goff went on to have one of the best seasons of his NFL career, leading the team to its first NFC Conference Championship since the 1991 glory days of Barry Sanders.

Although Goff is about to enter the last year of his deal, there has been no indication that the Lions are planning to select a quarterback in the draft. The quarterback depth chart for the Lions looks fixed with Goff starting and Hooker growing as a backup, but how long will that last?

The Lions are anticipated to extend the contract of the former first overall pick, which is estimated to be valued between $45 and $50 million a season, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. This would put him among the top five highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, or very close to it.

“He desires to be present. At just 29 years old, he is expected to earn roughly $28 million this year, therefore given his playing style, he will need to make at least $45 million, if not $50 million, annually. Therefore, finishing that will take some time.

From his trade arrival to Detroit in 2021, Goff has been a part of the city’s culture. Not only has he made it easier for supporters to forget that Matthew Stafford is leaving for Los Angeles, but he’s also given the Lions a new lease on life and elevated them to the status of one of the NFC’s strongest Super Bowl contenders.
Regardless of the cost to sign Goff, it’s difficult to see the Lions letting him go anytime soon.


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