Denver Broncos to trade back Bo Nix GM George Paton explains

The Broncos considered trading back for Bo Nix, but they would have been “sick” if they hadn’t gotten him.

George Paton, general manager of the Denver Broncos, explains the team’s decision to pass on a trade back at 12th overall.

Many predicted going into the first round that the Denver Broncos would select quarterback Bo Nix while still collecting a few extra picks through trade. Payton and the Broncos liked Nix more than we initially believed, and with five quarterbacks projected to rank in the top 10, they chose to take a chance on Nix at number twelve instead of second choice.
They considered trading back, general manager George Paton told reporters, but things became uncomfortable for them after the Falcons unexpectedly selected Michael Penix Jr. at eighth overall. They wanted to take their guy, and Nix was their person. He claims that they could have retreated a few positions, but they didn’t want to second-guess themselves and would have become ill if they had lost out. on him, so they just took their guy at 12th overall.

The way the board went, I thought they would be able to move back, still acquire Nix, and get a second-round selection in return, but it was not worth it. There were five quarterbacks selected before you, the player you desired was accessible during the clock, and a divisional competitor in need of a quarterback trailing you lost out on their choice. Take your guy when you’re on the clock and move on because you can’t risk it. It is not worth it to receive a couple day three selections and then lose out on your QB preference.

According to Sean Payton, they saw the Giants as a surprise team in the quarterback draft, and if they were selected, they were happy that they had selected Nix. But when Penix was unexpectedly acquired by the Falcons, they exclaimed, “Holy cow.” “Do we need to climb up to get Nix?” He then gave the example of passing up on Patrick Mahomes, who was ready to play for the Chiefs and could have been picked later, but that was not the case.

You hear this all the time: “Well, they can go back and get this one if they don’t get one here.” I have heard the same remarks: “Well, they could have got him later” were made when the Chiefs selected Patrick Mahomes, if you go back and watch everything. They were unable to have. We all know how to manage the draft, so let’s not worry about that. Instead, let’s worry about how it will look in three years. In three or four years, this class will be evaluated. Ensure that the correct guy arrives. I completely concur. As we were discussing a few moves, it was like, “Holy cow,” when Atlanta acquired Penix. Do we need to ascend?

In general, I comprehend and concur with their logic in this case. The draft boards of the media may have thought that Nix was a “reach,” but that was not the case with the Broncos. Benjamin Allbright of KOA reports that Nix was the third-ranked quarterback on the Broncos’ roster. Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels, who went first and second overall in the draft, were the only two players that were selected before him. Nix finished ahead of Michael Penix, who finished eighth overall, J.J. McCarthy, who finished tenth overall, and Drake Maye, who finished third.

Therefore, despite the fact that the media and fans may consider Bo Nix to be a “reach,” the Broncos saw him as a value pick. Their quarterback, who was ranked third on their board, was passed over while others with lower grades were selected.

Although they are an effective tool, media draft boards are ultimately useless. Every club has its own board and rankings that they use as a guide, and they are not drafting anybody.

All that counts is that the Broncos got their guy and a promising franchise quarterback without taking a chance. On the second day of the 2024 NFL Draft, let’s watch what they do.

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