Denver Broncos GM has picked a best quarterbacks from the options

GM of the Broncos Will Do “Whatever it Takes” in the Draft to Get a QB Who Can Change the Landscape

Which quarterback prospect for the Denver Broncos in 2024 has the ability to “change the landscape”?

The Denver Broncos are still somewhat close to the best quarterbacks in the class even though they may not be selected in the top 10 of the NFL draft. The Broncos haven’t selected in the first round since acquiring Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II in 2021 because of the resources given up in the trades of Sean Payton and Russell Wilson that occurred back-to-back seasons.
You would have to believe that it would take a very, very special player in a very, very key position to persuade the Broncos to part with more first-round cash after being reduced to first-round spectators in each of the previous two seasons. The legendary starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, or at least a potential that Payton and general manager George Paton were optimistic could develop into one.

Payton and Paton would have to be prepared to give up their first-round picks in 2024, 2025, and possibly even 2026 if the Broncos decided to trade up to, say, No. 4 overall with the Arizona Cardinals. That would definitely be considered “mortgaging the future,” because there is always a risk associated when one mortgages anything.
However, Paton says the decision-makers in Dove Valley will go “anywhere it takes to get him” if the Broncos find a player who has the potential to be that player who turns the franchise’s fortunes around.

During Denver’s pre-draft press conference on Thursday, Paton stated, “I would just say if there’s a player that you think can change the landscape of your organization moving forward, like quarterback, then you do whatever it takes to get him.” “You act aggressively and try to win him over if there’s agreement or affection in the building. You attempt, but it doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in getting him. Thus, we’re receptive to anything. We are completely accessible.
Denver may lose up to three first-round picks by making the move from No. 12 to No. 4. The key word here is “could.” According to Tony Pauline and other draft insiders, Denver is amenable to using cornerback Patrick Surtain II as a trade enhancer.

The Broncos risked ruin and a half-decade of regression if they pulled off a QB draft move like that and it didn’t work out. There would be terrible repercussions for Paton and Payton. The risk exists.

However, the reality of the “no risk-it, no biscuit” mentality may occasionally catch up with a club in the NFL, and the Broncos may find themselves in that predicament as the team starts its reconstruction. In the event that Denver finds a quarterback in this year’s draft class who can completely alter the landscape, Payton and Paton will need to be prepared to stake everything on the line.

A few weeks ago, Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort declared that he is available at No. 4 overall. But in the event of a trade-up, the Broncos would have to outbid the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Minnesota may have more premium-round pick money in its arsenal, Denver may provide the Cardinals with something very special in the form of a young, experienced lockdown cornerback. Over the next three years, Arizona would undoubtedly love to turn its No. 4 overall pick into a number of more first-round selections, and one of those picks would probably go to a cornerback, a gifted but inexperienced player.

In just his fourth season, the Broncos boast a two-time Pro Bowler and a recent first-team All-Pro. The Cardinals cannot receive such an item from the Vikings. That might make all the difference in a possible deal between the Broncos and the Cardinals for the No. 4 overall pick.
Denver would take that selection on Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy, if the rumors are true. All the way back to the NFL owners’ meetings in Orlando, Florida, Payton has been publicly open to a trade-up.

Regarding a possible trade-up, Payton stated in March, “I think it’s realistic.” “What’s on the receiving end, though, is unpredictable. I feel fortunate to be Monti at Arizona right now. Although I wouldn’t say the cost is unrealistic, it is difficult to estimate. We’ll monitor it carefully.

During his yearly pre-draft conference call with national media, NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah stated that “everything is on the table” regarding the potential of the Broncos eschewing caution and trading up in the draft to select the ideal quarterback.

Opening night of the NFL draft is Thursday, April 25. All will become clear in due course.

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