Caleb Williams is a leader the Chicago Bears have already identified at rookie minicamp.

Williams was previously anointed the starting quarterback for the Bears by head coach Matt Eberflus, so it was hardly shocking.

With the Bears, Williams gained an early advantage in mastering the playbook, enabling him to practice some fundamentals with his own quarterback coach before minicamp. He stated that while he’s now focused on learning and absorbing everything, he hopes to lead this squad at some time.
“To be a great leader, you gotta learn how to follow first,” Williams stated. I’m now watching every vet. I’m keeping up with every coach. With my lips shut and both ears open, I’m listening. You can start taking the initiative once I’ve learned everything and how the culture operates. After that, you may begin to take charge of everything. For right now though, I’m listening more than I’m speaking and talking.”

Even though he’s still getting to know everyone and studying the playbook, Williams acknowledged that he’s “going to make mistakes, and I don’t really like mistakes.”

Williams seems to have something unique that Eberflus can already recognize in him, making him an excellent choice for a leadership position.

It’s evident that he feels at ease in his own flesh and embraces his identity. “His inner light and personality shine through,” Eberflus remarked. “He improves things. He is the one who enhances people’s best qualities.”

Odunze is hopeful that Williams, who is seen as a highly-touted top-10 draft prospect, can help him reach his full potential. Williams was described as “talented” and “really effortless” by the Washington wide receiver. He is capable of many things that more experienced quarterbacks would consider difficult.”

In general, Odunze stated he’s prepared to start working.

“It’s hard to imagine a better situation, honestly,” Odunze stated. “Having a rookie quarterback on the field helps us to develop as a team and to become familiar with this scheme together. I sit right next to him when he studies, helping him shift his perspective on various ideas and paths.” Odunze was referred to by Williams as a “explosive route runner” and someone who was “really smooth in and out of transitions.”

Relationships are the foundation of team development, according to Eberflus, so it was wonderful to see Williams and a few of his new teammates out and about in Chicago, taking in Sky and Cubs games together and beginning to forge that tie.

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