Cardinals ready to fire Oliver Marmol due to….

Three necessary early-season trades for the Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are a team that is about to make a decision. Following a dismal 2023 campaign, the Cards choose to go back to business as usual and reassemble their core group, albeit with a minor makeover for the pitching staff. And that approach isn’t exactly working out so far.

Even though it’s only May, the Cardinals are once again way below.500 and struggling every day to avoid finishing last in the NL Central, all the while losing key players Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado to injuries that prevent them from playing like the superstars the team expected them to be. There is a growing chorus calling for manager Oliver Marmol to be sacked, and if that doesn’t happen soon, St. Louis will most likely have to sell at the

A team that is about to make a decision is the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards decide to resume business as usual and rejoin their core group after a disappointing 2023 campaign, with the exception of a slight makeover for the pitching staff. And thus far, that strategy isn’t exactly working.

The Cardinals are once again well below.500 and fighting daily to stay out of last place in the NL Central despite the fact that it is just May. In addition, they are losing important players Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado to injuries that keep them from being the superstars the franchise anticipated them to be. Oliver Marmol, the manager, is being called out more and more, and St. Louis will lose if this doesn’t happen soon.

Nevertheless, there’s never a better moment than now to complete a trade. The Cards sorely need an infusion of youth to try and reopen a championship window someday, while the Twins, who have primarily been led by the unreliable Carlos Santana, are struggling offensively at first base once more. In the long run, it’s worth the pain right now.

Deal Orioles closer Ryan Helsley

Still, there’s never been a better time to finish a transaction than right now. To attempt and reopen a championship window someday, the Cards desperately need a young injection, and the Twins, who have been largely led by the unreliable Carlos Santana, are having offensive struggles at first base once again. The suffering now is worthwhile in the long term.

Trade Ryan Helsley, closer for the Orioles
Helsley’s contract has one and a half years remaining, so this is the perfect time for the Redbirds to cash him in via trade. You may hope that Helsley plays well in the final stretch of the season, but if you add a big-league ready bat to the team that can spark the offense, your chances of having a successful season the next year will significantly improve.

Could you persuade Mike Elias to break up with 25-year-old Heston Kjerstad, who is still required to work in AAA? If so, the Cards would get an electrifying closer they don’t need in return for a potential middle-of-the-order hitter they could keep for years to come. If it’s not Kjerstad, the depth of Baltimore’s system allows St.

Exchange SP Guardians / Kyle Gibson
Undoubtedly, Sonny Gray adds value to the St. Louis rotation now and in the future. However, those following him are either getting older, less productive, or both, so the Cardinals must seize the opportunity if they can acquire a prospect for any of those other starters. Although Kyle Gibson is pitching better than the rest of the group right now, Lance Lynn may have had a better career overall.

Gibson still has a strong WHIP and an ERA of about four, so why not sign him to play for the Cleveland Guardians, the Midwest’s pitching factory? Despite Shane Bieber’s injury, the Guards have assembled a strong rotation, but Carlos Carrasco is still pitching.

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