Broncos GM promise to deal with Travis Kelce

The Broncos will have to put up with Travis Kelce for a little while longer.

Travis Kelce will continue to be a formidable opponent for the Denver Broncos in the near future.

The Kansas City Chiefs gave Kelce a new contract on Monday that will give him a large salary through the 2025 campaign. Thus, Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes will probably continue to rule the AFC West for at least another two years.
For the tight end, who just won his third Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs last season, that’s a lot of money. Nine consecutive Pro Bowls and four First-Team All-Pro selections have been achieved by Kelce.

Kelce has destroyed Denver in 19 games against them in his career. With 116 receptions, he has almost 1,500 yards and six touchdowns. Though during the past ten years, Kelce has truly shown off Denver’s shortcomings as a tight end defender.

He caught nine passes for 124 yards in Kansas City this past year. In late October, he arrived in the Mile High City and caught six passes for 58 yards. That day, the Broncos finally broke their lengthy losing skid against the Chiefs, thanks in part to their ability to restrict Kelce.

In the end, though, it made no difference since Kansas City defeated San Francisco in overtime of an exciting Super Bowl to win back-to-back titles. That February night, Kelce had nine receptions for ninety-three yards.

And he’s now well-known worldwide, not only as a football player. By dating music sensation Taylor Swift, Kelce further elevates his status.

Travis Kelce isn’t going to be off the football field anytime soon, and the Broncos, who are rebuilding, might have to struggle for a few more seasons to stop him.


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