Brian Callahan in troubles

In addition to being “fired up,” Bill Callahan is coaching his son Brian.

His son, Bill Callahan, is now in charge.

As soon as Brian was announced as the Titans’ new head coach, the seasoned offensive line coach moved to Tennessee to be with his son.

According to Jim Wyatt of the team website, Callahan stated, “I was overwhelmed that he got the job.” It is much more than I could have ever dreamed for him. When he was a youngster and I was coaching the Raiders, I can very clearly recall him going to training camp and throwing with Rich Gannon and Jerry Rice. I never imagined it would reach the point where he is at now.

“I am immensely proud of what he has accomplished. Of course, I’m proud of each and every one of my kids. However, Brian’s path and trip were unique to him, and he took the necessary steps to accomplish it on his own. He worked hard and was very motivated to do this, therefore it was deserved. I’m thrilled for him and incredibly proud of him.

With 14 offensive linemen and 35 Pro Bowls under his belt, Bill Callahan is recognized as one of the top offensive line coaches in the league. He was under contract with the Browns, but they allowed him to go and be with his son. He joins the Titans with 46 years of expertise, 25 of which were spent in the NFL.

Bill Callahan can guide Brian through the highs and lows of the position because he spent four seasons as the head coach at the University of Nebraska and two seasons as the head coach of the Raiders.

“I was just driven to assist him,” stated Bill Callahan. “God willing, how many years do I have remaining in my profession at this point? — All I wanted to do was aid him. My goal was to support both him and the Titans. In that sense, it was really rather obvious. Because it’s family, I want him to succeed in the same way that any parent would. Because it’s uncommon and special, I’m really excited about it.


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