Breaking: Eagles player Jeremiah Trotter Jr involved in car accident

There is no greater expectation on Jeremiah Trotter Jr. to continue his father’s Eagles legacy.


Son of Former Eagles  Dead at 20 After Car Crash

The former NFL player said he is “a bit overwhelmed” following the tragic loss

Former NFL player Hugh Douglas is mourning the loss of his son, Hugh, after a tragic car accident on Monday afternoon.

According to a statement from Morehouse College, Hugh and a friend identified as Christion Files Jr. were killed in a car accident in Atlanta.

“Hugh and Christion were not just friends but also roommates during their sophomore year, and their loss is deeply felt by all of us in the Morehouse family,” the statement read.

According to police documents obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, officials said the men “had been driving at a high rate of speed” when the incident occurred.

The vehicle reportedly “careened off the road” before colliding with two utility poles, and eventually flipped over, according to the outlet.

The incoming rookie acknowledged that, like his father, he will ask the Eagles to wear No. 54.

After waiting until pick No. 155, the Eagles finally got their man when they selected Clemson’s legendary LB Jeremiah Trotter Jr. Shortly after receiving the call, he spoke with reporters and expressed his excitement and gratitude for the chance.

Trotter talked on how great it feels to get drafted by the Eagles and how his father’s legacy in Philadelphia makes it all possible.

Being able to play, you know, carry on that tradition, and just try to support the team in any way I can means a lot to me.

Being from my city, the Eagles have always been my favorite team, so it’s wonderful to be able to play for them and to have the chance that I have.

He simply remained steadfast in his belief that everything will work out, and it did. He wasn’t concerned about not going earlier. Trotter expressed his excitement about starting work and helping the squad by doing anything the coaches ask of him.

It was brought up that one advantage of bringing in local players is that they are aware of what the fans and community expect, as explained by Howie Roseman’s remarks before to the draft.

Being local, I am aware that people will adore you but also be critical of you when necessary. However, I believe that’s merely a part of the job title.

That would be the case anywhere you play, according to Trotter, but all he has to do is play as well as he can and exert control over the things he can.

Despite playing the same position, he discussed how his game differs from his father’s, and the younger Trotter mentioned their body types and sizes in addition to the way the position is played now. In today’s game, Trotter Jr. runs more sideline to sideline and must be able to play out in space, while Trotter Sr. would more often run the gap and run downhill through the OL.

As Trotter Sr.’s son, the incoming rookie claimed he has never been under pressure, and his father made sure he understood that he was on his own journey and his own man. Trotter Jr. is just attempting to be the greatest version of himself; he doesn’t feel like there’s more pressure or a weight on his back.

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