Braking: Detroit Lions and Commanders link to a possible Trade deal

All Lions: Reasons Detroit May Make a Trade with the Commanders or Cardinals

It’s possible that Brad Holmes and the Lions want to trade out of the first round.

Ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions are in unfamiliar territory.

To begin with, the team, which has always been linked to defeat, is now seen as a contender. The team has an abundance of ability, thus there are no obvious needs. Furthermore, in his four years as general manager of the organization, Brad Holmes has only had one first-round pick, which comes with the Lions.
Consequently, the team has multiple options for where to go. One of options would be to trade down and exit the first round, enabling Detroit to accumulate money for the middle rounds.

The Washington Commanders are one team that would be interested in trading back into the first round, according to rumors. The Commanders might be trying to reenter the first round while holding onto the second overall pick, according to NFL Network’s Lance Zierlein.

Washington’s assistant general manager, Lance Newmark, is connected to the Commanders through the Lions. Newmark had previously spent portions of 26 seasons as an executive with the Lions.
Therefore, if they want to get past the first round, the Lions might be a reasonable trade partner.
Furthermore, Dave Sears, the former college scouting director for the Lions, is currently with Arizona, thus the Cardinals are still another possible trade partner for Holmes. Sears is now the assistant general manager for the Cardinals.

The Lions might very well work out a deal with Arizona or Washington to load up on later draft money given Holmes’ propensity for making moves.

These are other headlines from April 21 related to the Lions.
1.) Prior to the 2024 season, Bleacher Report ranked the team’s most expensive player as cornerback Carlton Davis, who was recently acquired.

2.) In advance of this week’s draft, the Detroit Free Press looked at prospective offensive line possibilities that would suit the Lions.

3.) Columnist Bob Wojonowski of the Detroit News examined general manager Brad Holmes’ remarks from his last pre-draft press conference.
4.) MLive examined the response around the country to the Lions’ new uniforms.

5.) Detroit-born musician Eminem collaborated with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a pre-draft promotional film. Eminem makes fun of Goodell in the video for calling Detroit “the D” and yelling, “Live from the D!”


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