Brad Holmes Rewards Core Players increase his pay range

“Those Were Simple Choices”: Brad Holmes Acknowledges Principal Players

Holmes gave an explanation for the St. Brown, Sewell ruling.

Rewarding players who meet the standards set by the organization and coaching staff is a simple choice for the Detroit Lions.

Tremendous contract extensions were granted to Amon-Ra St. Brown and Penei Sewell, three years after general manager Brad Holmes selected them in his first selection as head coach.
“Everything mattered. Let me start by saying how thrilled I am for them. Those men are our real core. “Those guys are our real foundation,” Holmes remarked. “This is our initial draft. But, the major thing I’ve been telling everyone is that, in addition to being a monument to all of their hard work, it also really embodies who we are as an organization because, you know, they earned that, just like they¬† earned that. And we’re all about earning it, and we’re not expecting a short cut here or there.”

By making player investments, the organization has demonstrated to aspiring young athletes that their hard work can yield substantial financial rewards.

It merely demonstrates that getting drafted here is a more involved process than simply getting chosen. Terrion Arnold declared, “You can be here and you can build a lasting relationship,” following his first-round draft selection by Detroit. And their goal is to satisfy and retain their players. As a result, the algorithm will reward them for doing that. However, it also shows how hard the players worked.”

Holmes and his team sought to convey that top performance will be rewarded, and that it would happen fast.

“They deserve all the praise. I’m overjoyed. It’s great that those two people are together; notice how much that statement can convey. It touches on a variety of topics, including the locker room, who you pay, who you select, and who you extend “explained Holmes. “I kind of watched the video the other day where St. Brown and other receivers were celebrating outside the building. That excites me greatly, as I believe him to be well-respected. Nobody would contest, in my opinion, that he has really earned that. And Penei (Sewell) is in the same situation.”

The fourth-year general manager of Detroit did not intend to announce the news the day before the draft because he believed the agreements could be completed sooner.

But sometimes it takes a little more effort to finish talks for big contracts.

“Those guys represent everything that we’re about,” Holmes remarked. They are the epitome of everything we stand for. In terms of choosing to carry out those additions, it was also obvious.”


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