Baltimore Ravens To Sign new tight ends for a four year contract

The Ravens may draft tight ends, running backs, and quarterbacks | Banner Ravens Podcast

QB, running back, and tight end are the only positions the Ravens might target in the first round of this month’s NFL draft. Lamar Jackson, Derrick Henry, and Mark Andrews are the three starters for Baltimore, and they are firmly established at each position.

However, the Ravens’ depth allowed them to secure the first seed in the AFC in 2023, and they might still benefit from adding players to the back end of their depth chart at those spots.

The hosts of the Banner Ravens Podcast, Paul Mancano and Jonas Shaffer, discuss a few skill position players, such as Oregon running back Bucky Irving and Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis, who may catch Eric DeCosta’s attention in the draft.

Watch for 11:15 a.m.




The amusing thing about the pre-draft stage is that your doubts about how things will truly transpire increase the closer the event approaches.

There is an abundance of information available, but not all of it is useful. For, hey, it’s the season of lying! Many smokescreens!

That explains, then, why, in my first-round simulation, I’ve gone crazy and projected five deals. Folks, I’m clinging to anything to get through the arduous journey until draft day. Please extend some grace to me!

Now enough of this annoying self-pity. Now go ahead and ruin my choices.

Given that the pre-draft process is a breeding ground for contrasting opinions and speculative wild dreams, the fact that Williams is still regarded as the top quarterback in the mock draft by many is evidence of his uniqueness from the other players in an anticipated quarterback class. It’s a cold shower to hot takes for Caleb.
Washington’s plans have been kept under wraps by new general manager Adam Peters, leaving a void in knowledge that has to be filled by speculative supposition from the outside. Essentially, we’ve been circling this choice for the last few months, talking about potential choices like J.J. McCarthy and Jayden Daniels. But what if the first theory turned out to be accurate all along? What if Maye’s throw-to-throw accuracy is being scrutinized excessively by the tape munchers?


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