Baltimore Ravens Head coach select backup QB

Ravens HC Identifies Rookie QB’s Biggest Issue

John Harbaugh, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, is committed to developing his young rookie quarterback.

Lamar Jackson is already the Baltimore Ravens’ franchise quarterback, but the team nevertheless selected a signal-caller in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The most unexpected selection in the Baltimore draft class may have been Devin Leary, the team’s sixth-round selection from Kentucky, but the Ravens saw him as Jackson’s long-term backup. But Leary needs to improve in some areas of his game before he can be trusted with those responsibilities.
Leary only had 16 interceptions in his four seasons at NC State, but he still managed to throw for 25 touchdowns in his final season at Kentucky. Though concerning, head coach John Harbaugh has a strategy in place for the turnovers.

“I think it’s very fixable in the sense that, the arm strength is there, and I think he’s an accurate thrower,”¬†Harbaugh said regarding Leary’s turnovers. “But, he unfortunately threw it to the other team too many times. He and I had that conversation. I said ‘What’s your trait?’ He said, “I work hard, [and] I’m tough. I’m dedicated,’ and I go, ‘I know, but what’s your football trait on the field?’ He goes ‘Oh, I’ve got a great arm.’ I go, ‘Bull’s eye, you can throw the ball. What is the biggest thing you need to work on?’ He goes, ‘I need to cut down on the interceptions and turnovers.’ So, he knows, and that’s something that I think you can get better at.”

Leary has self-awareness, and that’s possibly the first step towards development. But Leary also has time on his hands, which is also a plus. He’s expected to be the third-string quarterback this season behind Jackson and veteran Josh Johnson, who’s on a one-year deal. However, the hope is that Leary can step into that QB2 role in 2025 when he’s less prone to picks.


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