Astros GM rejectes optioning Jose Abreu to West Palm Beach.

Houston Astros manager is still optimistic that their demoted slugger can make a difference.

It appears that the Houston Astros general manager isn’t given up on the slugger just yet, despite the surprising announcement that the team was optioning Jose Abreu to West Palm Beach.
Jose Abreu was officially optioned to West Palm Beach by the Houston Astros today.

The former MVP was reportedly in agreement that, following his horrible start to the season, he needed to take a break from Major League Baseball, which is why the announcement of that news so startling.
Abreu and the Astros are both hopeful that this will provide him the space he needs to find his swing without the limelight that the MLB offers, particularly as a failing player on a team that has significantly underperformed.

How the slugger handled the situation was highly praised by manager Joe Espada, who told Chandler Rome of The Athletic, “he’s a true professional, and the fact that he took that option to get his game back, I’m glad that we’re highlighting that because it meant a lot when he took that option.”

Once more, Abreu had the option to back down from this, which would have truly forced the club to make a decision. However, he realized the necessity of the situation and informed his manager, “Joe, I have to do what’s best for the team, and I want to do what’s best for me.”

Many believe that the slugger’s time with Houston may be coming to an end.

Ultimately, at the age of 37, he has just concluded the most challenging season of his professional life.

However, it appears like general manager Dana Brown believes Abreu still has it in him to improve his swing and regain his comfort level at the plate.

The only things left to do are perfect his timing and rhythm so he can perform consistently. He still has a fair amount of bat speed. I still have a lot of hope for it. I would be less hopeful if the bat was slower,” he remarked.

The general manager added that he might travel to Florida personally to see how their expensive slugger was doing.

That implies that the Astros may still believe he can contribute to this squad in the latter part of the season.

Naturally, it will only occur if Abreu can make the necessary corrections.
We’ll see if he can pull that off or not.

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